(Updated July 12, 2017)


Voter ID law takes effect

CAMDEN COUNTY – An informational tour through the state by representatives of the Secretary of State’s (SOS) office on the new Voter Identification Law has made a stop in Camden County to explain the details of the photo ID Law.

According to the SOS, the ID Law was adopted by the General Assembly in 2016 but was vetoed by Democrat Governor Jay Nixon.

The veto was overridden but the statute would not become effective unless Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment authorizing photo identification requirements for elections.

Voters did this in last November’s election where they adopted Constitutional Amendment 6, authorizing photo identification for elections.

The effective date was June 1 of this year.

Those against the Voter ID law claim that many people can’t get an ID or can’t afford one. Missouri’s photo voter ID law also requires the state to assist voters who might not have a photo ID with the process of obtaining one free Missouri non-driver license for the purpose of voting.

“Most Missourians have a Missouri Driver's License or Nondriver License, which is an acceptable photo ID for voting,” the SOS stated.

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One fatality over holiday

LAKE OF THE OZARKS – There was one fatality over the holiday period on the road and none on the water, but two drownings did occur after the holiday period, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP).

The first drowning took place on July 6 around 5:46 p.m. at the 16MM of the Big Niangua.

According to the MSHP, Ruth Claussen, 87, of Camdenton, MO, suffered an unknown medical issue and fell into the water. She was located face down near the dock.

Another mysterious drowning happened on July 8 on Weems Drive in Morgan County.

The MSHP said that Connor Mohr, 25, of Overland Park, KS, was fishing from a dock when he was reported missing. He was located near the dock after a brief search and was pronounced dead by Morgan County Coroner Maynard Jones.

This was the first and second drowning for the month of July for Troop F.

Just last month another drowning due to unknown circumstances happened at the 26 Mile Marker (MM) of the Osage Arm around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday June 27. .

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Police on the look out for road rage

CAMDENTON - The Camdenton Police Department is announcing for the 19th year its continued campaign to combat Aggressive Driving.

Aggressive Driving is defined as: Risky driving behavior on the roadway that poses the possibility of endangering the driver and other motorists, as well as endangering property. This violence is known as “road rage”.

“Operation Safe Way” ran earlier this week (July 10-11) and will run again on August 10-11. Specially marked patrol cars will patrol the city looking for aggressive drivers.

The officers will stop the vehicle and a summons or written warning will be issued for the violation. The driver will receive a citation summary sheet that will educate them as to the violation they were stopped for.

On the back of the summary sheet is a self-driving evaluation the driver may take. The driver will receive a booklet about Aggressive Driving and a pamphlet on seatbelt usage.

The Missouri Transportation Department will assist with the operation by providing the Police Department with electronic signboards to advertise the upcoming operation

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Ameren contract with city questioned by board

OSAGE BEACH – A short board meeting last week has resulted in a vote to pave a portion of a city street and multiple questions about a 20-year contract with Ameren for Street lighting.

The board questioned several details of a contract with Ameren for lighting within the city.

“Ameren Missouri is our public utility company who supplies our street and other public area lighting within our City limits and this contract outlines the details of that service,” Jeana Woods, City Administrator said in her report. “This is a twenty year contract.”

$72,000 has been budgeted this fiscal year for the street light electric service.

The contract will have Ameren “providing for the lighting of the streets, avenues, alleys, and other public places of the City by electricity, and providing for the lighting of the streets, avenues, alleys, and other public places of the City be electricity, and providing for the supply of other electric utility service required by the City for its City Hall and other premises…”

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