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(Updated December 7, 2017)

Guest Editorial -  Finally

(Published 12-6-2017) 

It’s said that if you can’t say anything good about the dead, say nothing at all. Were I to follow that advice I would not be able to write this column. To paraphrase Moms Mabley, Charles Manson is dead. Good.

If you don’t know who Manson was then stop reading now, your life is immeasurably better not knowing. Charlie, as he was affectionately known by his “family,” was one of the faces of evil of the last half of the twentieth century. It wasn’t that his body count was high, officially it was only seven victims. What made Manson, so terrible was his unrepentant glee and the way he basked in the limelight his notoriety brought him. Manson was the personification of everything that went wrong with the sixties.

He preyed primarily on young women who were lost, trying to find their way in all the nonsense that permeated that era. He gathered his followers to him preaching a philosophy of love, while filling them full of drugs and separating them from their families.

Manson thought that through the Tate/Labianca murders he could start a race war that would be won by blacks. A war that he and his cult would ride out in a secret underground city in the desert. It requires a lot of mind-altering drugs to make this seem even marginally believable. But, the crazy doesn’t stop there.

Racist Charlie told his followers that after the blacks had won the war, Helter Skelter, they would be incapable of governing themselves and would come to him for leadership. That is once he emerged from the secret underground hiding place. It is pretty easy to see that all of Manson’s plans were just delusions, the product of a sick mind, but at that point in the sixties he and his followers were not so far out that they were shunned.

They were able to mix with the less mind-numbed hippies, and even with celebrities like Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys and record producer Terry Melcher, the son of Doris Day. Those two worked with Manson to try to get him a recording contract, but it just didn’t happen. Manson was not able to find fame as a rock star, although the Beach Boys did record one of this songs. It was only after he sent his followers out to murder that he found the attention he so desperately wanted. Once his trial began, Charlie had found his stage.

From carving a swastika on his forehead, (his followers on trial did the same), to outbursts and stare downs and even ordering the murder of one of the defense attorneys, Manson relished the notoriety. And the media gave him all that he wanted and more. Manson and the women on trial cheated death.

After being found guilty and sentenced to execution they were spared when the Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in 1972. The media fascination never ended and periodically there would be rehashes of the story, or prison interviews or dramatizations on television. You can understand why the interest never died.

The 60s and the hippie movement were supposed to be about peace and love. The Family and their messiah were about evil and death. We’ve seen cults and their leaders since with many more victims. Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple and Heaven’s Gate are most notable. Those ended with the tragic deaths of their members, not the murder of outsiders.

The times are right for another cult movement. Many young people believe they are being oppressed in the U.S. They see hatred directed against them on every front: gender, race, sexual orientation, climate, pick a cause and you can find an angry group.

What some share in common with those from the 60s is a belief that things are not moving fast enough in the direction they want and that society needs to be pushed. There may be another charismatic leader out there to tell them what they want to hear, but it won’t be Manson.

Charles Manson has finally died, and Hell is undoubtedly now a worse place. - Frank Mercer

Guest Editorial -  Take a break

(Published 11-22-2017) 

Can we just take a break from politics? Please?

I understand that politics is perhaps the number one spectator sport in the United States. Sport, because it seems that scoring points off the other side is often more important than what’s good for the country. It’s true that politicians, talk-show hosts and pundits need politics to make a living. But there are times when, for decency’s sake, politics should go dormant, at least long enough to grieve and show respect.

A mass shooting, a terrorist attack, or a deadly hurricane would all fit into that category. Wait to pontificate until enough time has passed to speak with a modicum of intelligence. There is plenty of room for discussion about guns, mental illness, and radical religion. But to figuratively step over the bodies of the dead to promote your agenda is disgusting. Unfortunately, what we often get is cynical self-interest.

Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff to President Barrack Obama and current mayor of Chicago, explained the goal, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” That is why as soon as the first reports start coming down the wire, we hear from the experts all pushing their agenda.

November 5, after the horrific shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, which left 26 dead, the “experts” were out in force before the details were known. The calls for and against gun control started while relatives were still being notified that their loved ones had been murdered. That’s politics.

The following day, Ted Lieu, a Democratic Congressman from California, walked out of a moment of silence at the House, saying, “We cannot be silent. “We need to act now.” That’s politics.

When Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot and six others killed, focus fell immediately on the influence of the Tea Party. The gunman turned out to be crazed, not political, but the talk continued to blame the Tea Party. That’s politics.

When another nutjob shot up a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., murdering 12, he was immediately named as a Tea Party member. He was not, but someone who had a similar name did belong. Some reporter’s first reaction was to check the list of political opponents. That’s politics.

President George W. Bush was criticized for not going to New Orleans soon enough after hurricane Katrina. President Obama was criticized for golfing instead of visiting flooding in Louisiana. President Donald Trump was criticized for going to Houston too soon after Hurricane Harvey. The first lady was criticized for the shoes she wore to get onto Air Force One. That’s politics.

Neither side, left or right, is without blame. You just have to look harder to find examples of the right doing it. That is because the left is more skilled in the art, and because the media naturally calls out Republicans when they try it.

A good measure of the problem stems from the 24-hour news cycle and the need for high ratings. Measured, thoughtful coverage does not attract viewers in the same way yelling invective does. There are multiple reasons we live in a representative republic and not a true democracy. The founding fathers were smart enough to understand that the citizenry when brought to a fevered pitch by some event would demand action now.

Think lynch mob in an Old West movie. They put the House of Representatives and especially the Senate in place to be more deliberative in action and slow down the mob mentality. To see members of those institutions, and the ever hysterical media, try to further incite the population for political gain is just wrong. - Frank Mercer

Editorial -  What would Sam think?

(Published 11-15-2017) 

Many years ago we made the habit of listening to the great Paul Harvey on the radio. One of the points he always stressed was the nice, courteous nature of Walmart and their employees.

The customer comes first was the theme that was proudly touted by Harvey repeatedly in his broadcasts. It’s good that he passed before seeing what the company has devolved into these days.

What would Sam think?

Not long ago the Camdenton Walmart remodeled the checkout lanes and eliminated all the express check outs. They added a large number of self-checkout lanes. They claim it is a faster way for you to check out. That may be true to a point but there is another main reason for doing so: profit. More and more profit.

If they would have more checkout lanes open that were ran by people, then the self checkout would not be needed.

Even in the past there would be a few lanes open and most of them closed. Why? Screw you, that’s why.

What would Sam think?

Harvey used to love the idea and taught that if you came within 10 feet of a Walmart employee, they would greet you with a friendly greeting. Now you can almost physically bump into one and not a word will be said.

What would Sam think?

The main reason behind the self checkout lanes is more profit. Don’t be deceived into thinking that it’s a benefit to you, the customer. After picking up their items to purchase (profit for them) and going to the checkout lanes now you have to check yourself out. That way they don’t have to hire a person to check you out and the less employees then the more profit for them. And the main goal is profit first, customers second and don’t believe them if they say otherwise.

What would Sam think?

According to one report Walmart made a quarterly profit recently of 34 billion dollars. You think with that much profit they could afford to hire some real people to service the paying customers at the checkout but you would be wrong.

Years ago we would go into a Walmart store and look for the United States Flag hanging up. It used to be all over the place in the stores, promoting an alleged pro American stance.

For fun we would go look at the items directly under the USA flag to see which country they came from and it wasn’t the good old U.S. of A.

Yes they do have stuff made in USA but you have to look for it and read the labels and on some items they don’t tell you what country it was made in.

What would Sam think?

But profit is the bottom line and making their shareholders happy is far more important than convenience in the checkout lane for the customers and now that the Christmas season is coming up, profit is the main thing on their minds.

It’s sad that a once great idea started by Sam Walton has become the profit-driven machine it is today with customers delegated to a far second behind the almighty dollar but that’s the way this world works.

There’s a quote that we ran across attributed to Sam:

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

So what would Sam think? We think that if he were still around today that he would be following his own advice and spending his money somewhere else besides the stores that bear his name. – Dale Johnson

Editorial -  A slap on the hand

(Published 11-8-2017) 

Let’s pretend for a minute that you are a soldier in the United States military, you’re in a combat zone and you decide to call it quits.

So you mail your belongings back to your family and send an email to your parents saying you are ashamed to be an American and you walk away from your post.

You are then “captured” (or did you join?) the Taliban and are held “prisoner” for five years.

In the mean time your fellow soldiers (the real ones) start a search effort to rescue you, endangering their lives and leaving some severely wounded.

Then President Barack Obama trades four terrorists for your “release” and you come home and are welcomed with open arms by Obama and other liberals even though desertion charges are flying around.

You are then charged with the crime and plead guilty to “desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.”

What should be your punishment, you deserter? How about a gentle slap on the hand and freedom?

That’s exactly the story of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

After pleading guilty, he received no prison time, a reduction in rank, a dishonorable discharge and will forfeit his $1,000 per month pay for 10 months.

This is not a joke. That is the sentence for this deserter handed down by some brainless politically correct idiot judge named Col. Jeffery R. Nance.

Nance didn’t explain why he didn’t do the just thing and sentence him to prison but he did give hints and that was a dislike for his Commander in Chief, President Trump.

Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, the Commander in Chief clause, states that “[t]he President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States.”

During the trial Nance ruled that comments made against Bergdahl by President Trump during his campaign would be considered as mitigating evidence at sentencing.

What evidence? That’s a lame excuse to ignore the advice of your Commander in Chief and give him the finger and set the deserter free.

We blame this travesty of justice on a politically correct military leadership in Washington, D.C.

Don’t misunderstand us; we have respect and sympathy for the soldiers in the military it’s just a shame that their leaders are spineless in many areas including this one of discipline.

Proof of this lack of a spine by military leaders was mentioned in an editorial we did in June of 2014 entitled “The Rainbow Brigade”.

On June 30, 2014 Fort Leonard Wood held a “Pride Month” celebration and the speaker for the celebration was Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa Duncan, 787th Military Police Battalion, who “realized” halfway through her military career that she was a lesbian.

The “pride” celebration wasn’t pride in the United States or pride in the military accomplishments; it is a celebration of pride in sexual diversity.

Not heterosexual pride - that is never celebrated at public events anymore. This is homosexual pride, transgender pride and bisexual pride.

This politically correct way of thinking has infected the military leadership in all facets in this country and is a disgrace to all the men and women of the past who have given their lives fighting for freedom.

Someone pleads guilty to desertion they need to be punished accordingly, not given a warm hug and sent home. There is a price to pay and in this case the price was paid for by the true soldiers who were severely wounded searching for Bergdahl.

This Saturday is Veterans Day. In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words:

“To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations…”

So as you honor the military on Veterans Day, remember one person who doesn’t deserve any honor on that day: Bowe Bergdahl. – Dale Johnson

Guest Editorial -  Remembering Jack

(Published 11-1-2017) 

(Editor’s note: Jack Krier, who contributed to this paper [and many others] for decades, died on October 12 of this year. This editorial is from his business partner Frank Mercer.)

I became familiar with Jack Krier the same way most of you did, right here on these pages. His editorials and columns expressed strong conservative opinions and an unwavering belief in God, America, and the importance of family. He was never shy about saying what he thought, and never bowed to political correctness.

When I first discovered his writing, there weren’t very many conservative voices out there. It was surprising, almost shocking, to see someone who was unapologetic about his conservatism.

We were at neighboring papers and had not met in person when the great flood of 1993 drowned his printing plant. He called to see if we could print a few of his publications until the water went down. Some of the other printers he called saw this as an opportunity to make some big bucks. I figured it was a chance help out a neighbor, and he appreciated the fact I didn’t try to gouge him. During those weeks we struck up a friendship that became a business partnership. Both lasted over 20 years.

Jack was looking for someone to help so he could expand his business and gave me a shot. Amazingly, during most of our time as business partners, we did not have a contract. We made an agreement and shook hands. That was the thing with Jack. When he told you he would do something, he did it. And he did it with enthusiasm. Jack was never one to wait until tomorrow if it could be done today. He said you never know what might happen, so get it done now. Something may come up tomorrow that will keep you from it.

Rural newspapers lost a champion with Jack’s death. He spent his entire life operating newspapers in small towns. Newspapers that were too small to show up on the radar of the big chains. He did it all. That’s the way it was and is in small newspapers. You sell ads, write stories, take pictures, lay out the pages and deal with customers.

He started with hot type on Linotype machines (and had the burn scars to prove it) through the photo-mechanical typesetting days all the way into the computer age. When changes came to the business in the 1990s it became much harder for small circulation owner/operators to keep the doors open, much less make a decent living. Small newspapers began to close. Jack believed strongly that towns need a newspaper in order to thrive, and even to survive. He had a vision that would help keep some of those small newspapers in operation.

Jack saw that by absorbing many of the day-to-day functions into a central location he could keep costs down. That meant the newspaper employees could focus on the things that matter to the readers. There are multiple towns in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri that still have a newspaper today thanks to that vision. Jack worked tirelessly to make it all happen. There was nothing unusual about him starting the day early writing a story, editing, then interviewing, making sales calls and doing layout through the day then driving for hours in the night to a school board meeting, or ball game. In fact you could always count on Jack to volunteer to make that late-night newspaper delivery run even if it meant getting back at two in the morning. Driving wasn’t work to Jack; it was a chance to unwind. As long as he had XM radio and a supply of Diet Pepsi, it was no problem.

And drive he did, hundreds of thousands of miles. His Olds Silhouette minivan went through two motors and three transmissions. The dash was held down with a couple of lag bolts and if you didn’t catch the sliding door it would roll off onto the ground. We all told him to junk it, but he was certain the van had 500,000 miles in it. Darned if it didn’t.

Jack was so much more than what appeared on these pages. He volunteered his time for causes he thought important. He quietly helped people out financially, knowing that the loans would probably never be repaid. He listened when people had problems and was an AA sponsor. And so much more that could never possibly be detailed in so little space. So, Jack has earned a rest, although it’s hard to imagine him wanting or taking one. In the old days, journalists used the number thirty to tell the typesetter they were finished. It meant “the end.” I think that is perhaps the most fitting sendoff for Jack. -30-

Editorial -  Hollyweird

(Published 10-25-2017) 

The recent allegations about Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein should not really shock anyone. “Hollyweird” is a den of immorality and the casting couch is nothing new.

For decades there have been stories that women (and a few men) have been offered roles in movies or even the industry if they do sexual favors for some important person. Now it seems that everyone is shocked that this kind of thing would go on in a liberal left-wing industry.

And now all these “stars” are coming out saying they knew about it and didn’t say anything or they were a victim and boo hoo, cry me a river.

If they knew about it years ago or were a victim then why didn’t they say anything then? Simple, they’d rather have a very well paying job and fame rather than stand up and speak out against the person. After all, what’s one sexual favor in exchange for fame and millions of dollars?

We have no idea how many good actresses and actors have been prevented from ever becoming stars because they refused the casting couch but they made the right choice in saying no.

We do have many examples of this habit from the past, according to

Louis B. Mayer, who co-founded Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios in 1924 is said to have also participated in this behavior. “If women didn’t comply, he’d threaten to ruin their careers or those of their loved ones,” Variety said. “Mayer also allegedly groped the teenage Judy Garland, according to Gerald Clarke’s book ‘Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland,’ and held meetings with the young woman seated on his lap, his hands on her chest.”

It’s also claimed that Marilyn Monroe in her memoir said “I met them all. Phoniness and failure were all over them. Some were vicious and crooked. But they were as near to the movies as you could get. So you sat with them, listening to their lies and schemes. And you saw Hollywood with their eyes — an overcrowded brothel, a merry-go-round with beds for horses.”

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino also said in an interview that he knew about the sexual allegations against Weinstein and regrets not doing more.

“I knew enough to do more than I did,” Tarantino said in an interview with The New York Times. “There was more to it than just the normal rumors, the normal gossip. It wasn’t secondhand. I knew he did a couple of these things.”

Then why keep silent? Oh, that’s right, your career and bank account are more important than helping prevent the sexual abuse of women. So, Quentin, what then is the difference between you and Weinstein? You’re both enablers.

So this will destroy Hollyweird or reform them into a bastion of morality, right? Not a chance. This will be in the news for sometime and then it will slowly fade away because as much as the mainstream media loves a sexual scandal, they love Hollyweird more.

This will become a minor part of history and things in that fantasyland will go back to the way they are now and the casting couch will continue to be occupied. We won’t hear about it because the actors and actresses will keep their mouth shut (at least in terms of speaking out against it) because they want the fame and fortune.

Weinstein’s career and life may be done for but another powerful person will take over his habits and fill the void because the immoral sewer that is Hollyweird has no desire to change. – Dale Johnson

Editorial -  Rest in Peace

(Published 10-18-2017) 

We never met Jack Krier. It seems kind of strange to realize that after dealing with him for 10 years but we never had a chance to meet him.

We talked many times over the telephone but never got together in person. Distance and work always prevented it. Once he retired to nearby Warsaw we thought about finally meeting him but the old quote by John Lennon is true “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

Jack spent many decades in the newspaper business and gave us, and the previous owners of The Reporter a lot of sound advice.

We found his column in an older issue of this paper (August 2, 2000) and he was the same Jack Krier, with a combination of political opinions (anti-Democrat) and corny jokes, like this one from that issue.

“Playboy Mansion hosts Demo Fund-Raiser – Yup, Hugh Hefner and his daughter are hosting a Democratic fund-raiser at the Playboy Mansion next month. Al Gore won’t be there but he has already accepted thousands of dollars in donation from both Hefners. I just hope the Playboy bunnies don’t pass out cigarettes. Never mind if they are clothed or not. Cigars, though, will be available.”

Many of our readers will miss Jack but not everyone. In the past 10 years we have received only two complaints about Jack’s columns and guest editorials and though they didn’t mention him by name specifically, we know who they were talking about.

One said that we should not disrespect the president (Barack Obama). That is the same thing as saying you should never say anything negative about any president and that is nonsense.

The other was a phone call that we received one day. We answered the phone and the first thing the person on the line said was “Why do you hate black people?”

That question completely confused us and we told him we don’t have the slightest idea what he was talking about. He explained that since we criticize Obama we hate black people.

(As a point of information to those out there in newspaper land, Obama was not a black president. His father was black and his mother was white [if all that is true]. That means he was mixed race and saying he was a black president is the same as saying he was a white president, neither are true.)

We eventually told the man that if he doesn’t like the newspaper, then don’t buy it. He laughed and said he will continue buying it.

Jack’s columns will continue for a while since he usually wrote them ahead of time and we may run some old ones as the “Best of The Town Krier” but eventually his column and words of wisdom will end.

Though we never had the chance to meet him in person we can hope to be a part of that great reunion one day in a better place and finally get to meet him there. – Dale Johnson

Guest Editorial -  More random thoughts

(Published 10-18-2017) 

I couldn’t make up my mind on whether I should l write an editorial about the continuing NFL saga; the horrendous massacre in Las Vegas and the ensuing foolish comments by media and liberal politicians; or maybe the proven fact that President Trumps’ media coverage is far more negative than any other president. So, I decided what the heck, let’s just write a few random thoughts.

– Columbus Day was observed by many on the second Monday of October, including government offices, banks, and postal service. I know the left wants to eradicate Columbus from our history. However, if they re-write history, I’ll bet they replace it with another holiday just so they can still have the day off.

– As I said, this is written the Saturday before, but I read where Antifa, the violent left group comprised of perennial losers who have never won anything in their life and therefore cannot grasp the concept of capitalism, is planning nationwide acts of vandalism on Columbus Day. How long will it be before our law enforcement system wises up and puts a stop to their vicious and senseless acts?

– Disgusting, sad, repulsive are just a few of the adjectives I can use in print to describe what I saw on a recent Friday night. I went to the African Centered College Prep Academy (Southeast High School) in Kansas City to watch the Lincoln (Mo.) High School Cardinals play football. During the National Anthem, three of the Southeast team kneeled. It is one thing to see it on TV with the thugs who play in the NFL (National Felon League) but it is a whole lot worse to see it in person with high school youngsters showing utter disrespect for the greatest country in the world, while attending a tremendous public education facility. I noticed a high school coach – I believe it was in Texas – took the uniforms away from the players when they chose to kneel. In my opinion, the Southeast coach was derelict in his duties when he allowed his kneelers to play.

– Pew Research Center has proven claims by Mr. Trump that media organizations primarily report negatively on him are true. Their research shows only five percent of media reporting during the period was positive while 62 percent of the stories were negative. By comparison, coverage of President Obama during the same time period was 42 percent positive and 20 percent negative. President Clinton, who the Democrats frequently say was “mistreated” broke even in the positive-negative statistics. The study also revealed most of the media coverage of Trump focused on his character traits rather than policy.

– RIP: President Trump has followed through with his promise to Americans who object to the Obama contraceptive mandate for religious or moral reasons by officially ending the Obama-era rule. Just another of the 10,000 reasons I’m glad Mr. Trump won in an electoral landslide over the Democrat candidate.

– I am very thankful Mr. Trump still tweets, and I hope he never stops.

– The hypocrisy of the left, including TV pundits and late-night “comedians” in regards to proven sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein speaks volumes about their standards. Also speaking volumes is that, thus far, the DNC is opting to keep about 90 percent of the donations the pervert gave the organization.

– Shock poll. The NFL is now the least liked sport as core fans are down 31 percent. From the end of August to the end of September, the favorable ratings for the NFL have dropped form 57 percent to 44 percent and it has the highest unfavorable rating – 40 percent – of any sport, according to the Winston Group survey. The rating in August was 73 percent favorable and 19 percent unfavorable. Still, the NFL powers lack the guts to stop the kneelers. They evidently believe the fans will eventually come back. For the most part, they are wrong.

– Do you realize the Obama Administration approved the sale of bump fire stocks on at least two occasions?

– Former Democratic vice-president nominee Tim Kaine surprises us once more, emerging onto the scene to make a moronic statement just like his former running mate. Taking his cue from Hillary Clinton, Sen. Kaine spoke out against the threatening danger of gun silencers. There are no silencers, except on TV; there are suppressors which reduce the sound of a weapon by an average of 30 decibels. A 30-decibel reduction on an AR-15 means the rifle would have a noise equivalent of 132 decibels, about the same as a jackhammer. Both Kaine and Clinton should stop lying when they know the facts. Same for pundit Chris Matthews who stated “pro-gun Republicans want to own tanks.”

– I fear there will be many more Las Vegas -type massacres in our future. - Jack Krier


Guest Editorial -  More random thoughts

(Published 10-4-2017) 

The response to the recent series for “Random Thoughts” has been good. That, along with the fact it is easier to compile than a full-length editorial, we’ll continue on the same trail for this week.

– President Trump threw some gas on the fire with his advice for NFL owners to fire players who kneel during the National Anthem. If the gutless owners would have adopted this strategy when Colin Kaepernick started this nonsense last year, they would be in much better shape than they are now. Instead, they didn’t have the moral courage to stand up to the players, and the results have been staggering. Television viewership is way down. Also, in some instances, games are being played in stadiums less than half full. Then, to top it off, the networks are projected to lose at least a quarter billion dollars in advertising revenue this year. Perhaps the game would be better served if the commissioner and players were more interested in the goose that lays the golden egg rather than some political protest that has no place on the field. Or, for that matter, thrashing our president for saying what so many of us believe.

– Even before the players started protesting the anthem, we belonged to the camp thinking the NFL days, as we know the game, are numbered. This was because the leftists of the country, aided greatly by the so-called media, were hammering away at the brutality of the game. By the way, from what we’ve read, head injuries in soccer, as well as other types of injuries, rival those of football.

– Do you realize sports media is even more liberal than the so-called news media? Only four percent of sports media voted for Donald Trump, and only six percent consider themselves Republican.

– For decades we are on record as saying Russians were better served by their media (Pravda) because everyone knew it was a government media. Contrast that to America where the media tries its darndest to make people believe it is “fair and balanced,” when it is full of fake news. With great interest, we read an article about Mark Levin, a conservative talk show host, who echoed our sentiments when he said: “Our media is really no different from media in any dictatorship or communist regime.” He also said, “It is groupthink. It’s a gang attack. It’s a propaganda enterprise.” Levin noted how the media tries to destroy anyone who disagrees with their liberal train of thought. He made special note of how the media has been largely silent on how the president was right on the mark by saying Trump Tower was wiretapped and how the media jumped on that, claiming it was a lie. Then, he compared their non-coverage of the story when it was proven Mr. Trump was right. “That’s why Trump calls them ‘Fake Media.’ That’s why they are frauds.”

– Draining the swamp is turning out to be almost an insurmountable task for Mr. Trump because of how deeply entrenched the swamp dwellers are, and the fact the Republicans are just as involved in keeping the swamp as are the media and Democrats. As the fight continues, we are more convinced than ever if America is to continue to be great, Mr. Trump has to win this battle. It will be interesting to see where this battle goes. At this point it appears the “Trump Movement” is bigger than Mr. Trump, and a third party is inevitable ... unless Republican voters can knock off establishment Republicans in primaries.

– Catholics need not apply! Recently, two Democratic senators, Feinstein of California and Durbin of Illinois, (a Catholic) attacked Amy Coney Barrett, a Notre Dame law professor, and nominee for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, over her Catholic faith, peppering her with numerous questions about her Catholicism and how it allegedly would affect her judgment on the bench. We thought there was a separation of church and state. “Their behavior was disgusting. Catholics should not tolerate liberal bigotry a moment longer,” said Princeton’s McKormick, Professor Jurisprudence Robert George said. Democrats have an increasing Catholic problem. After years of supporting the Democrat candidate in presidential elections, the last time around Mr. Trump won a majority of Catholic votes. Seems to us, the last thing Democrats should be doing is purposefully stiff arm people they are going to need to win. We are glad they continue to belittle Catholicism, because it alerts all the more Catholics to what is really going on.

– This just might be the last season we will opt to watch baseball because a no-name from Oakland took a knee during the anthem and the league powers didn’t rebuke him. Have they not learned anything from the mess the NFL has created? – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial -  No longer a nation of laws

(Published 9-20-2017) 

For more than two centuries, Americans have prided themselves on the fact that their country is a nation of laws, consequently, a nation where the rich, famous and powerful are judged no differently than are the commoners.

Sadly, that is no longer true. There is ample evidence to prove that America has crumbled onto the ash heap with the rest of the countries; and, in so doing, are taking the beloved Constitution with them to that aforesaid ash heap.

Who knows where it can be pinpointed just as to where our descent from a nation of laws started? We don’t; but, we do know it has certainly accelerated to a lightning-like quickness in recent years.

There is no doubt President Bill Clinton made false statements under oath and his act of perjury went to the heart of our judicial system and was grounds for removal from the office of presidency. He wasn’t.

There also should be no doubt that Attorney General Eric Holder committed perjury when testifying under oath before the House Judiciary Committee in 2013. No punishment. Likewise, there is no doubt IRS Manager Lois Lerner oversaw the IRS’ secret sabotage of Americans’ civic groups before the 2012 election. In addition, she intentionally misled federal investigators in a flagrant violation of the law. No punishment.
Ditto for former FBI Director James Comey in his dealing with Hillary Clinton. There is absolutely no doubt she showed reckless disregard for the nation’s security; her email service – hosting voluminous classified and Top Secret information – was repeatedly breached and exposed by notorious Romanian hacker “Guccifer” and by the Russians, who have 20,000 Clinton server emails in their possession.

The fact the Obama administration conducted itself with unprecedented partisanship and lawlessness makes it even more important that Mr. Comey should have upheld the law and proceeded with an indictment of Mrs. Clinton because the American people needed to see that both lawlessness and dereliction of duty are not given a pass and that no one – even Mrs. Clinton – should be exempt from above the law.
For reasons that also escape us, the Clintons have been able to skirt the law ever since they burst upon the national scene, starting with the Whitewater scam, and that’s just what it was, a scam.

Mrs. Clinton has been an integral part of the Clinton Foundation, which is unprecedented in size and global scope as an influence-peddling political slush fund. Figures from a recent year of the Clinton Foundation reveal revenues of $177,804,612, with total grants to charity of just $5,160,385. That amounts to a paltry three percent.

There were total expenses of $91,281,145, including salaries of nearly $35 million, or about seven times the total amount given to charity. By the way, have you noticed how the donations have dried up since she lost the election? No more “pay to play” if you are out of power?

We certainly can’t overlook the lawlessness of the Obama administration. A wise man, following Mrs. Clinotn’s stunning defeat, summed it up this way: “The only thing more lawless than an Obama White House would have been a Hillary Clinton White House.” Among the most flagrant of the Obama underminings of our Constitution was his implementation of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Several times, Mr. Obama stated DACA was something he couldn’t implement because it would be a violation of our Constitution. Still, fully realizing it to be unlawful, he did it anyway. DACA, by any stretch of the imagination, is one giant constitutional mess created by a president who had virtually no trouble violating the Constitution.

It appears that DACA was simply a way for Mr. Obama to force his successor, be it a president who was concerned with following the Constitution, to make an unpopular decision.

Mr. Trump did his country a service by going back to Constitutional order; but, sad to say, about half of the country disagrees with his actions. That means about half of the country no longer wants America to be a nation of laws, rather it should be a nation of men.

As a nation, we seem to have significantly passed from a nation of laws to a nation of men. Whereas we once abided by a rule of law – the Constitution – which guarded our freedoms and shielded us from government abuses, we have entered a phase in our nation’s life where the government largely operates above the law, while the law has become little more than another tool for compliance and control. This is the America we are leaving our children. – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial -  Random thoughts 2

(Published 9-6-2017) 

– People who want to share their political views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

– Startling! Seventy-eight percent of full-time workers say they live paycheck-to-paycheck, up from last year’s 75 percent. Even more startling is that 10 percent of workers making $100,000 or more said they live paycheck-to-paycheck.

– Are we watching the beginning of a revolution in America by the leftists taking place before our very eyes?

– To judge a person by today’s standards 150 years after they have died is preposterous. We don’t have any idea what life will be like in 150 years. For the sake of an argument, let’s say that 150 years from now abortion is universally accepted for what many of us believe it is, and that’s murder. Then, will the statues of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, among others, be destroyed and will they be held in disdain as the leftists are now holding our forefathers? Bear in mind, while we used abortion in our argument, it may well be something we know absolutely nothing about now.

– Members of the Cleveland Clowns (formerly known as the Cleveland Browns, a team which won only one game last year) of the NFL have joined in refusal to stand for the national anthem. They are in “good company” in Cleveland where LeBron James, star of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, has repeatedly joined efforts disrespecting America. Thankfully, this disrespect of our country has not carried over to the beloved Cleveland Indians baseball team. I am very grateful baseball has not sunk to the level of the NBA and NFL when it comes to showing respect for our great country. If it ever does, I would become a hockey fan!

– What has happened to the great Russian collusion with President Trump? Evidently, the despicable mainstream media has come to the end of its utterly shameless pursuit of the biggest fake news story in the history of America. Trouble is, there are a whole lot of Americans who believe there was a collusion when there has never been a smitten of evidence of such. What a disgrace.

– Now that the media has discarded its Russian collusion story, they are turning guns on Mr. Trump’s incompetence. Makes you wonder how long they will keep bombarding America with yet another story with absolutely no basis to it.

– For years, the mainstream media has run over the weak-knee Republicans who didn’t have guts enough to stand up. Thank goodness, Mr. Trump is showing us how to fight back against their onslaught of disgusting fake news and the agenda to destroy Mr. Trump come hell or high water.

– The election of Mr. Trump did not create the left’s hate ... it revealed it.

– Illegals are 3.5 percent of the USA; but, they commit 12 percent of murders, 20 percent of kidnappings and 16 percent of drug-trafficking.

– If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering a country illegally ... you might be living in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

– Do you know what the letters “ESPN” stand for? Here’s your answer: Especially Stupid Political Nonsense. ESPN pulled one of its announcers from calling a University of Virginia football game because his name is Robert Lee, thinking the appellation he shares with Confederate General Robert E. Lee might be offensive in the wake of events in Charlottesville, in which left-wing demonstrators clashed with white supremacists over a plan to remove a Confederate war memorial. Lee, an Asian-American, was moved to a different game “simply because of the coincidences of his name,” ESPN said.

– Should we burn the Bill of Rights given that some of its authors owned slaves? Isn’t that the logical conclusion of what the leftists want? – Consider this: Those who destroy the past will control the future.

– Mr. Trump promised to drain the swamp, but the swamp seems to be draining him. His agenda is being drowned by the agenda of Washington’s Uni-Party (comprised of establishment Republicans, Democrats and media). It makes us wonder how Mr. Trump can stand up against all of them.

– Slavery was historically practiced by virtually every culture in the world and only was stopped by Christians. Yet, the venerated Washington Post ran an article blaming Christianity for slavery and white supremacism. Do you need to know anything more than that about our mainstream media? ­ Jack Krier

Guest Editorial -  Random thoughts

(Published 8-30-2017) 

I’m going to take a page out of the book of one of my favorite columnists, Dr. Thomas Sowell, who, occasionally would write a column called “Random Thoughts.” Here is our take off on that brilliant man’s idea:

– If the simulacrums could speak, they would say: “Leave us be

– I’m a Democrat, too!”

– Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was a staunch segregationist and defended the Ku Klux Klan in his scholarly writings.

– Senate icon, Democrat U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, served as an Excalted Cyclops in the Klu Klux Klan. President Jimmy Carter regarded Byrd as his most important advisor and Hillary Clinton has praised him as her mentor.

– How can our country move forward if we constantly live in the past?

– What would the outcry be if President Trump invited white segregationists to the White House as former President Barack Obama did with Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers?

– Doesn’t it seem strange that a single death in Virginia creates many more times the publicity than a host of policemen being shot and killed days later?

– The media is starting to tell us the controversy of athletes refusing to stand during the National Anthem is the fault of the National Anthem, not the players who refuse to stand for it. It’s a fact that a goodly segment of leftists want to eliminate our anthem.

– Why didn’t any of the top-tiered Democrats or the media demand a resignation from Democrat State Senator Maria Chappelie-Nadal, Missouri, when she posted on Facebook, “I hope Trump is assassinated.” There have been several instances where entertainers have said similar things, and they, for the most part, are hailed as heroes. Sure, there are many who opposed President Barack Obama, but we don’t recall anyone in the public domain calling for his death.

– What is the difference between Black Lives Matter and white supremacists other than color?

– It is very difficult to stomach what America has turned into, and the major reason for this is the hatred pushed upon us by the media.

– Instead of being divided with inflammatory rhetoric, we should work together to add to our history, not take from it. How can future generations learn from history and our mistakes when it has been wiped off the slate?

– The fight over slavery wasn’t between North and South. It was between a pro-slavery Democratic Party and the anti-slavery Republicans. This entire controversy and the larger effort to remove Confederate memorials all over, is an attempt to cunningly conceal the Democrats’ historic role in protecting slavery as an institution.

– The Republican Party is the party that passed the Civil Rights legislation. Check your history books and see how many Democrats voted against it.

– There are many good people in America; but, as a nation, we have become complacent, decadent and jaded.

– Why is the KKK such a big issue when there are only 5,000 members in all of America?

– There are many huge problems in America: illegal drugs, $20 trillion debt, immigration issues, an unbalanced budget, a corrupt government, to name just a few. Yet our dishonest media forces upon us issues intended only to divide us.

 – The attacks on Trump are designed to show how really flawed America is if somebody like Mr. Trump can be elected. That means they think it is time to get rid of our Constitution.

– When will the left be successful in eradicating Mt. Rushmore?

– There is no place on this planet that humans would rather be than America.

– The media continues to bombard us with lies designed to convince people our country is not worth maintaining as it is.

– Explain why Colin Kaepernick, the man who single-handedly accomplished the nearly impossible feat of turning America against its favorite game, is about to get his own exhibit at the Smithsonian.

– America is in a spiritual battle of good vs. evil.

–­ Anger is out of control in America; anger is a weakness, not a strength.

– Many on the left hate Donald Trump more than they hate racism or terrorism. – We are very close to a new civil war.

– This year is the last chance for Chief Wahoo, beloved Cleveland Indian mascot, to win a World Series, because, I predict, he will be replaced next year. - Jack Krier’


Editorial -  Get out!

(Published 8-23-2017) 

By now you’ve heard of the stupid comments made by State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat from the St. Louis Area last Thursday (August 17). She said on her Facebook page that “I Hope Trump is assassinated!”

Since then the liberal Democrat has faced a firestorm from opening her mouth from both sides of the political spectrum, even from far left-wing liberal Claire McCaskill.

“I condemn it. It's outrageous. And she should resign.”

We feel that the only reason McCaskill is speaking out against it is not the actual message but the fact that a Democrat said it and it makes Democrats look bad. We actually don’t think McCaskill would be that upset privately if President Trump was assassinated but publicly she would be “outraged.”

When asked to resign she said no. Chappelle-Nadal told KMOX Radio she won’t quit.

“There is no way in hell that I’m resigning,” she said.

Now she’s trying her best to apologize because the poop has hit the fan and she’s standing right in front of it.

“President Trump I apologize to you and your family, I also apologize to all the people in Missouri. And I also apologize to my colleagues in the Missouri legislature for the mistake that I made.”

She said this last Sunday and a photo was released of her apologizing with her “supporters” behind her. We did notice in the one photo we saw that there were white supporters and black behind her but the whites were on one side and the blacks were on the other. Interesting.

Why would she apologize to her “colleagues in the Missouri legislature”? Because they can kick her out and word has it that they are planning to if she doesn’t resign.

Her comments were racist comments and like the main stream media they won’t admit that Trump was right: the problem was on both sides in Charleston.

The main stream media won’t tell you about the counter protesters who were mainly made up of Antifa. Antifa is short for “Anti-Fascist” and it is composed of extremely militant and violent left-wing liberals.

Do a search on the Internet or go to You Tube and search for Antifa. Everywhere they show up there is violence and it is caused by them.

Both sides were at fault and if you research the history of the KKK, they came out of the Democrat party last century.

Trump was right and Chappelle-Nadal was way out of line and it’s time for her to be removed from office as quick as possible. - Dale Johnson

Editorial - Claire “the sky is falling” McCaskill

(Published 8-16-2017) 

There are quite a few people on our list of useless human beings and one of those names is U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill.

Somehow The Reporter landed on her email list that is constantly begging for money from her minions and we aren’t sure how we got there but it has given us a lot of information about her uselessness in Washington and as a person.

Like most politicians - Democrat and Republican – she has one interest and one interest only and that’s keeping her cushy elite job. The only time she cares about the regular Missouri voter is when she needs them to re-elect her.

And like most politicians she portrays herself as a fellow Missourian on our level just trying to defend the common man (or woman or “gender neutral” or whatever) but that is a big lie.

In an email sent out on July 8, 2017, she once again portrayed herself as caring about us little people.

“I'm wrapping up a weeklong trip back to Missouri, during which I held 10 – count ‘em, 10 – public town halls. I don't think there's anything more important than listening to you and answering your questions. It’s how I hold myself, my work and my votes accountable to you and all the people who count on me to do right by them in Washington.”

But she is far from being one of us. Her net worth is estimated at somewhere around $20,000,000. How can a politician get that much wealth on a politicians pay?

Harry S Truman once said that “You can't get rich in politics unless you're a crook.” We believe he was right.

An article published in the Washington Business Journal on March 17, 2014 stated that McCaskill had just purchased the most expensive condo at CityCenterDC.

“Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and her husband, Joseph Shepard, recently paid about $2.7 million for a unit in the mixed-use development, according to D.C. property records. The sale, recorded Feb. 2, appears to be the most expensive condo unit to sell so far at CityCenterDC, where units have ranged from $417,000 to $1.7 million.”

We know what you’re thinking, maybe it was her husband’s money and maybe you’re right. The article continued raising questions.

“McCaskill and Shepard, a low-income housing developer in St. Louis who has come under fire for receiving federal subsidies during her tenure, also own a condominium on Massachusetts Avenue NW, not far from the Government Accountability Office's headquarters, which they bought for nearly $700,000 back in 2007, according to D.C. property records.”

Maybe she received some of this “dark money” that she is always complaining about.

One example is her email begging for more money from her worshippers on August 7, 2017 via McCaskill for Missouri.

“This can't wait, Friend: Josh Hawley, an ultraconservative lawyer who made his name fighting against women's healthcare, just announced that he's exploring a run against Claire for Missouri's Senate seat. Now, right-wing donors are getting ready to flood Missouri with dark money attack ads to help him win.”

According to Wikipedia: “Dark money is a term for funds given to nonprofit organizations - primarily 501(c)(4) (social welfare) and 501(c)(6) (trade association) groups-that can receive unlimited donations from corporations, individuals, and unions, and spend funds to influence elections, but are not required to disclose their donors.”

So in other words, donations from sources that aren’t revealed and surely McCaskill would never do anything like this, would she?

Another email from McCaskill for Missouri on August 6.

“The good news is a group of donors is matching EVERY GIFT through Tuesday night to make sure we hit our $30,000 rapid response goal and have what it takes to protect Missouri's Democratic Senate seat.”

Interesting. Tell me Claire, who are these mysterious donors that are matching “gifts?” Will you shed light on these people or keep them in the dark?

And another email on August 8.

“Friend – a group of donors is matching every dollar you give to the campaign before midnight to protect Missouri's Democratic Senate seat. But we're still $7,034 short of our goal, and time's running out to get your gift doubled.”

We can go on and on and on about the uselessness of McCaskill but we’re running out of space and one thing we know for sure is that she is doing this because she’s very worried about losing her re-election on 2018 and she should be.

When the common-sense folk came out and put Donald Trump in the White House (Democrats refer to them as “deplorables”) it was a giant refuting of the Obama-liberal agenda.

McCaskill is an Obama crony and the voters know this so she’s worried, not that she won’t be able to defend us idiot Missourians anymore but that she won’t be one of the elite getting richer and richer.

We’ll end with one more quote from a McCaskill email sent out on August 2 of this year.

“This race could be 2018's only toss-up, and we already know we can't beat Hawley without massive grassroots support. I'm counting on your help.”

In this case we hope she’s right, that she can’t beat anyone without help and that help will fall short and she will lose.

She should have been out to pasture decades ago and hopefully next year the “deplorables” will overwhelmingly send her packing. – Dale Johnson

Guest Editorial - No madness, no mayhem

(Published 8-2-2017) 

If you believe the Left, Kansas should, by now, have imploded in a rage of violence and bloodshed because of a new law that went into effect July 1.

In 2013, the Kansas legislature passed a law requiring that local municipalities and buildings owned by the state either have adequate security preventing the carrying of guns inside the property or require that citizens be allowed to carry concealed firearms on such properties.
It’s a simple concept, either allow citizens to defend themselves, or provide adequate security, and the legislators allowed four years to make plans for proper security measures to be installed.

In that four-year interim period – 2013 to 2017 – the Leftist fear-mongers have had a field day bombarding the legislators for being so stupid as to allow people the opportunity to defend themselves.

It is no surprise a large part of opposition to Kansas’ new law has come form college campuses. College campuses are a bastion of liberalism. According to these fear-mongers, this new law squelches free speech on campuses, leads to students threatening professors for bad grades, and intimidates students from speaking freely, and openly. Hello! Isn’t that exactly what is now going on at college campuses? How many times, just in the past year, have we seen conservative speakers banned from campuses? How many times have we heard conservative students express concern about lower grades due to speaking up against a liberal professor? Sadly, it happens all the time.
In the words of Townhall columnist Steve Sheldon, “Today’s campuses aren’t exactly bastions of free thought for anyone right of center. If today’s university students need to run to their safe spaces to cuddle with their blankies because someone muttered the president’s name, then the thought of another student carrying a gun would probably require them to purchase diapers.”

Publicly, about half a dozen university professors have resigned due to the new law. Among them is Jacob Dorman, an associate professor of history and American studies at the University of Kansas, who predicted there would be a “mass exodus” of professors. In a letter to the editor, he absurdly claimed “Kansas can have great universities, or it can have concealed-carry in classrooms, but it cannot have both.”

Dorman also argued campus carry laws discourage professors from “progressive” coastal states from applying to teach at Kansas colleges and turn them into third-rate universities. To our way of thinking, if Dorman is correct, that is another reason to have conceal-carry on campuses because if there is one thing we don’t need more of on college campuses, it is “progressives.” How about hiring a few who are not progressive?
Sheldon characterized Dorman as a “snowflake” and “nutty professor” before telling him “not to let the door hit you on the way out.” Well stated!
Educational institutions are a high priority when it comes to shooting sprees, and because of that it makes perfect sense for conceal-carry. Why is it these scumbags choose schools and college campuses and other gun-free zones as the place for their hideous crimes? Could it possibly be that this is the place of least resistance? A person intent on killing as many people as possible is certainly not going to commit his crime in an area where he will meet armed opposition. There is so much truth in the statement that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Also, bear in mind, that it almost always takes several minutes before armed law enforcement officials are able to arrive at the scene. Unfortunately, with every passing day, that’s the world we live in today.

Of course, the Left will not be discouraged by this latest setback. They never are. They simply roll-up their sleeves and at every opportunity try to limit our right to bear arms. Renowned columnist Thomas Sowell, said Dec. 6, 2016: “One of the most zealous crusades of the Left has been to prevent law-abiding citizens from having guns, even though gun-control laws have little or no effect on criminals who violate laws in general. You can read through reams of rhetoric from gun-control advocates without encountering a single hard fact showing that gun-control laws reducing crime in general or murder in particular.”

We praise Kansas lawmakers for having the courage to go against the Left and join the approximately 10 other states which allow conceal-carry in public places. One can spend hours searching to find crime incidents in these 10 states, and find nothing of substance about the Leftist claims of crime caused. – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial - The genius of Trump’s tweets

(Published 7-19-2017) 

Donald Trump has already done many things as president; in fact, it is our contention he has accomplished more in the first six months of his presidency than any president in memory, and that includes the great Ronald Reagan.

He is just coming off a trip to Europe which was filled with many accomplishments, including a remarkable speech delivered in Poland where he was warmly received; and a two-hour meeting with Vladimir Putin which greatly disappointed Democrats because Mr. Trump met Putin head-on in the controversy over Russian interference with our election, and Mr. Putin, subsequently, lied to him. It was after this meeting the two presidents announced a cease-fire in parts of Syria. Almost as a side note, there was a successful G-20 summit. While all that was going on, there was fantastic news on the home front in the nation’s economy as 220,000 new jobs were created last month.

The list of accomplishments in his first six months also includes the seating of a Supreme Court judge; a travel ban upheld by the Supreme Court; and a successful first trip abroad a few weeks ago, just to name a few. Yet, while the list is very impressive, we think there is not a single better instance of Mr. Trump’s brilliance than his ability to tweet.

This is at the top of the list because we believe our country is in the process of being destroyed from within, aided and/or led, by a corrupt media. There is no better way for Mr. Trump to circumvent this destruction than tweeting. In fact, it may be the only way.

It surprises us, despite his long list of successful tweets, that Mr. Trump’s advisers continue to pressure him to stop tweeting. All they need to do is ask themselves this question: “How else would Mr. Trump be able to get his story out to the public when he has a media that has as its primary mission the destroying of his presidency? For certain, he can’t get a fair shake from the establishment media.

They claim tweets could harm his presidency. There doesn’t seem to be much chance of that because Mr. Trump has tweeted things which friend and foe thought would ruin him. Yet, the blowback from the tweets bounced off him, and he goes merrily along his way.

One of the most important things to come to the surface because of Mr. Trump’s tweets is the fact that our media is corrupt to the core, full of fake news, and media, just as much as the establishment Democrats and Republicans, do not want Mr. Trump to succeed because, if he does, it will put an end to their corrupt system.

Mr. Trump has correctly analyzed the best – perhaps only – way to get around this corrupt media is by tweeting. He has been especially aggressive in going after CNN – and rightly so – because they have been in the forefront of fake news with the expressed intent of destroying his presidency. He has been very successful in painting CNN for what they are, and the result is the once-trusted cable news network was a dismal 13th in the prime-time ratings war the week of June 27-July 3, even losing to Nick-At-Nite. In addition, network personnel have, several times, made fools of themselves in their attempt to fight back. Much of their free-fall in ratings has to be attributed to Mr. Trump pointing out their fake news coverage and CNN’s reaction.

CNN, though, is not alone in falling by the wayside of getting into a blood bath with Mr. Trump. There is a long list of those who have opposed him. No one gave him a chance when he entered the primary, but one by one Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, all fell due in no small part to Mr. Trump’s tweets.

Just as in the primary, no one gave him a chance against the establishment’s choice, Hillary Clinton, in the general election. His genius came through again in his successful attempt to label her for what she was; something the establishment media wouldn’t do.

One-by-one they learned Mr. Trump is a street fighter; a fighter who, when punched, punches back harder. CNN should have learned before punching him. They tried, but couldn’t destroy him. Take notice the rest of the media! Mr. Trump is the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter. He is extremely clever and funny. He is also a fighter and Republicans have waited a long time for someone to hit back against the bully media rather than suck it up and let the media pound away, George W. Bush.

Mr. Trump’s tweet from 2013 sums it up best: “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest and you know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure. It’s not your fault.” Arrogant, yes, but as baseball legend Dizzy Dean said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.” Mr. Trump is proving he can do it. – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial - Guide for the perplexed

(Published 7-5-2017) 

For months on end – ever since the “chosen one” (Hillary Clinton) was humiliated in a stunning loss to President Donald Trump - the left and its cohorts in the media have bombarded us, using all sorts of deception and lies, in an effort to make us believe the Russians and Mr. Trump colluded to defeat Hillary.

However, the longer it goes, the only thing that has become crystal clear is there isn’t any smoke; there isn’t any fire; and this “nothingburger” isn’t even worth lighting a match because no one has been able to provide the tiniest bit of evidence the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in denying Hillary what so many thought to be rightfully hers.

Despite the left using every weapon possible, including lying and fake news, they have not been able to uncover collusion. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Yet, when Mr. Trump responds to their endless – pursuit, he’s been declared “crazy,” “mentally unfit,” “paranoid,” and “obsessed.” It is reasonable to say Democrats – not Mr. Trump – have become obsessed by placing unending false reports and innuendo in the public sphere?

I recently came across a article by columnist Christopher Ruddy that does an excellent job in reviewing key points that any fair-minded person should consider:

1. To repeat, no one has provided any evidence the Trump campaign worked with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton.

The left hasn’t even come close.

2. There is no question the Russians tried to interfere in the U.S. election.

As we pointed out in an editorial a while back, the USA has repeatedly interfered with elections in other countries, most recently, Israel’s election.

3. This interference took place during President Obama’s watch.

Mr. Obama did little it stop it; in fact, a story recently in the Washington Post quotes an Obama official saying the administration was aware of this three months before the election but “choked” when confronting Putin about the Russians meddling in our election. Mr. Obama lacked the guts to go face-to-face with Putin. It was only after Hillary was defeated that he raised the temperature against the Russians over interference.

4. The Obama administration took the unusual step of “unmasking” identities of Americans, including people close to Mr. Trump, discovered in classified NSA and intelligence intercepts.

This questionable, and likely illegal, action found no evidence of collusion.

5. There is no evidence the Russian interference changed the election outcome or helped Mr. Trump.

In fact, there is evidence Russian interference may have hurt Mr. Trump.

6. Mr. Trump won the election fairly and squarely.

Mr. Trump realized the importance of the Electoral College, and out-campaigned Hillary in key states. Remember, she didn’t even go to Wisconsin.

7. Mr. Trump faced a brutal campaign onslaught.

Hillary spent $1.2 billion (twice as much as Mr. Trump) and the leftist media helped her with billions of dollars more in savage attacks against Mr. Trump.

8. Mr. Trump’s election was greeted by immediate protests denying his legitimacy, and some Democrat legislators even called for his impeachment before he took the oath of office.

Yet, there was no talk of collusion until Mr. Trump’s landslide victory.

9. A federal investigation that began simply as a “counter-intelligence” probe has morphed into a sprawling inquiry of Mr. Trump’s advisers.

The morphing is because there has been no evidence of collusion.

10. There has never been any evidence that Mr. Trump or the White House sought to obstruct justice or close down any Congressional or federal investigation.

Apparently finding no evidence of collusion, the investigation is careening into other areas is it seeks to justify its existence. When it became clear there was no collusion, investigators turned their guns to obstruction of justice. Just as in the wild chase of collusion, there is no there there on obstruction, either.

11. Mr. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

As head of the executive department Mr. Trump was well within his rights to fire Comey any time for any reason. Remember, President Bill Clinton fired his FBI director!

12. The FBI Director did admit that rather than bring his concerns to the attention of the Attorney General or Congress, he wrote memos-to-file of private conversations with Mr. Trump.

Strong evidence has also surfaced that the former director illegally leaked information to the media. – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial - Media a danger to our democracy

(Published 6-21-2017) 

The blatantly dishonest anti-Trump establishment media has become a danger to democracy and are presenting a grave danger to our democracy.

The establishment media has always held a double-standard. We could fill pages documenting that, but being the media is in the midst of trying to tell us that the cowardly lying, illegal leaker, disgraced former head of the FBI, James Comey, is a hero, rather than a lawbreaker, let us remind you what happened in 1993 when President Bill Clinton fired the head of the FBI and the very next day Vince Foster committed suicide and then all his files came up missing. There is no comparison between the media’s reaction to President Clinton’s firing and President Donald Trump’s firing.

Bear in mind, the FBI director works at the pleasure of the president who has every right to fire him regardless. But, you would never know that by the way the media is proclaiming Comey to be a hero while continuing their unabashed mission of destroying the Donald Trump presidency.

If you watched the news networks – including the once-conservative Fox News Channel – you were led to believe the Comey hearing was a disaster for the president. It was anything but, because Comey basically vindicated Mr. Trump. The networks also did their best to overlook that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch did much more to interfere, illegally, with an investigation of Hillary Clinton than was previously known. Now, thanks to Comey’s testimony, we know that it was the Democratic Party, not the Russians, who tried to illegally influence the election. However, we still know absolutely nothing about any of the Trump organization colluding with Russia to alter our election. This is because there is nothing there.

Comey’s testimony, for certain, humiliated the establishment media. For more than half a year, the establishment media has been trying to convince us of a Trump campaign and Russian collusion. They have offered absolutely zero evidence while attributing their fake news to anonymous sources. The establishment media has very little credibility left, and what little they have left was shattered by Comey’s testimony.

It was so decisive that even Chris Matthews, a hardcore Democrat on MSNBC had this to say: “The assumption of the critics of the president, of his pursuers you might say, is that somewhere along the line in the last year the president had something to do with colluding with the Russians, something to do, a helping hand, encouraging them, feeding their desire to affect the election in some way, some role they played, some conversation he had with Michael Flynn or Paul Manafort or somewhere. And, yet what came apart this morning was that theory.”

The ring-leader of all the fake news, The New York Times, was singled out for publishing a story which read: “Trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence.” When asked about the story, Comey admitted it was not true. True to their mission to destroy Mr. Trump, the Times, rather than admitting to the obvious facts of fake news by anonymous sources, tepidly stood by their reporting and openly wondered why Comey rebuked their coverage.

Make no bones about it. What the establishment media and Democrats (one and the same?) aided by establishment Republicans (commonly called RINOs) are attempting to do is remove a democratically-elected president and his government that they, the D.C. permanent class doesn’t like. Plain and simple, they don’t want Mr. Trump to “drain the swamp” because that would end the power game for both parties.

Their agenda was dealt a severe setback with Comey’s testimony, including Mr. Trump was not lying about the three times he claimed Comey told him he personally was not under investigation. How come that didn’t leak out like so many other things which made Mr. Trump look bad? Could it possibly be because it made Mr. Trump look good and that’s the last thing the media wants?

We have maintained for at least two decades that the people of Russia are better served by their media than are Americans. It is looking more accurate every day. This is because Russians know their media is controlled by the government while our media is pretending to be something they are not – objective news organizations. In the process to “get Trump” they are destroying the First Amendment and freedom of the press.

It is sad to see that journalism in America is nothing more than a propaganda machine which is going full-speed against Trump without a shred of evidence. What happens if they topple Trump? America will be on an irreversible road to becoming a third world country. Pray they fail. – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial - Wrong Again

(Published 6-7-2017) 

The establishment media has continually told us that President Donald Trump hates the Muslims for a variety of reasons. The judiciary system has told us Mr. Trump is prejudiced against Muslims simply because he wants to control the influx of refugees. Democrats and establishment Republicans (or RINOs if you prefer), have repeatedly told us Mr. Trump discriminates against Muslims.

Evidently the Muslims didn’t get the message. They treated Mr. Trump as they would treat royalty with the utmost in respect and reverence during his trip to Saudi Arabia. It was complete with red carpets, lavish meals and American flags flying everywhere. They repeatedly used the word “historic” to describe his visit, gave him a medal, and projected a multistory image of his face on the side of a Ritz-Carlton hotel where he was staying.

Then, to top it off, the Saudi foreign minister praised Mr. Trump for renewing ties between the two countries. Not to be overlooked, either, is the fantastic manner in which Mrs. Trump was treated In comparison, last year when then-President Barack Obama visited he received a far less favorable welcome from King Salman than did Mr. Trump.

Does not the question begging to be asked is how come the supposed enemy of the Muslims is treated far better than Mr. Obama was? Regardless, the establishment media (Media-crats) will continue to be negative about Mr. Trump as they proved when they warned Saudi Arabia to be careful of him, and to embrace him at their own peril. Sad, isn’t it?

No matter what Mr. Trump says or does, the reaction of the media-crats and establishment Republicans is going to go negative. It’s just the way it is and we have to accept it as that. It really doesn’t matter to them that the visual images beamed to Americans back home showed a president seemingly in command of a world stage, they will continue to think of him as a lunatic, a bigot and a racist, and, ridicule him no matter what.

We also must realize the media-crats will continue to under-report and mislead us on how successful the Trump presidency has already been. While they are constantly trying to whip their looney base into a frenzy, the Trump administration is putting good things in place, all of which are either under-reported or not reported at all in the media. A few of the more important things include:

– Restoration of law and order. The outrageous demonization of law enforcement by the Obama administration is just a memory. Mr. Trump’s positive program will have a long-term affect on cutting down violent crime because law enforcement officials will return to doing their job without fear of reprisal.

– Border laws are being enforced as evidenced by the reduction of at least 70 percent of illegal crossings. The bad guys are on notice and drug trafficking will slow. We have an Attorney General who will enforce existing laws, unlike the last two to occupy that office.

– Another major boost has been economic revitalization. The positive response by American businesses is a good indicator. Many of the previous administration’s harmful regulations on businesses have already been withdrawn.

– In foreign relations, probably nothing has been a bigger surprise than Mr. Trump’s many successes. He has put together a strong alliance in the Middle East and is dealing effectively with the mess left by the Obama/Clinton years.

– The successful appointment of a rock solid judge to the Supreme Court. This is probably the most important Trump accomplishment. – Since his election, our stock markets have been an all-time highs and that is directly traceable to his election.

– Mr. Trump decreased the U.S. debt in his first 100 days by $100 billion. Mr. Obama increased it by more than $560 billion in his first 100 days.

– Mr. Trump is waging a very aggressive war against terrorism and is not afraid to utter “Radical Islam Terrorism.”

Mr. Trump has accomplished much despite being faced with opposition from the media, Democrats and the “Brutuses” in the establishment wing of the Republican Party. All have, and will continue, to sharpen their knives to kill his presidency and try to have him removed from office. We hope he continues to don his gladiator helmet and spear, keep his head down, and “soldier on” knowing he has the full support of those who elected him and have his back. He must because his presidency is the nation’s last chance to be made great again. In the words of columnist Larry Klayman, “the republic’s future beyond an unsuccessful Trump presidency will likely be ‘hell on leftist earth.’” ­ Jack Krier


Editorial - Memorial Day

(Published 5-24-2017) 

Next Monday the country will be celebrating Memorial Day. A better way to phrase it is we will be observing Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is the time of the year to remember those that have died fighting for our freedom. Sure there are parties and other things that are done on that day but the main reason for it is to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Oh how times have changed. If we had to fight World War II today we would lose. It’s not that we don’t have the technology, we do. It’s not that we can’t come up with strategies to win because we can. It’s the purely satanic concept called “Political correctness” that’s the problem.

That nonsense has been taken to the extremes and is evident in the poor fragile “snowflakes” that infest our colleges and even our high schools.

Someone wrote “Trump 2016” on a college campus last year and many of the poor little babies in college needed counseling because of their “trauma”.

And when Donald Trump won the presidency the world and life in general was over to them. One professor offered the college students coloring books and puppies to help them overcome the horror of someone wanting to put America first.

What a difference between these brainless idiots in school and the ones that fought in World War II.

Many of the soldiers that fought on D-Day were close to if not the same age as the students today. The bravery they exhibited is astounding and the fact that many of them volunteered to go fight for freedom is incredible.

But it’s no surprise if you understand what was at stake. It was a simple fact of good against evil. The evil of Nazi Germany had to be stopped and the evil of the Japanese nation also had to be stopped and the young people back then understood that and met the enemy head-on.

Today’s little college babies would scream for their safe place and coloring books and we would all be speaking a mixture of German and Japanese.

The problem is many people today – old and young - have no concept of good and evil. Good and evil have not gone away, they still exist but people are being lied to by the mainstream media, politicians and many college professors into believing that everything is grey. There is no right or wrong, no black or white, no good or evil, it just depends on how you look at it.

That is why there are so many problems with the world; people fail to see that evil still exists and is very active in our lives.

If a Muslim terrorist flies a plane into a building to kill people, that’s evil.

When a movement like ISIS has a goal to kill all of those that disagree with them (the infidels), that’s evil.

When a politician encourages people to ignore the laws of this country and openly advocates violating them, isn’t that evil too?

There is an evil in this world that is determined to kill all Americans and they don’t give a rat’s butt if you’re Democrat or Republican or you’re in your safe space playing with your puppies before your college exam.

Evil must be fought against and wiped out and many times things have to be done that are not pleasant. Dropping the atom bombs on Japan was not a pleasant thing but if people would exam the facts of the times and realize that those two bombs actually saved millions of lives, then it becomes a necessary thing to do.

We feel sorry for the “snowflakes” in college and in the high schools because they will not know evil, true evil, until it puts them in chains and cuts their heads off.

Memorial Day is a time to remember the ones who died fighting evil, fighting it with a bravery that we don’t see in the majority of those who are the same age today.

A generation that realized evil needs to be destroyed and were willing to give their lives to protect these little fragile “snowflakes” that don’t care and refuse to understand we are all soldiers in a war and that war is good against evil. We choose what army we’ll be in and the snowflakes have made it clear which side they’re on.

These “snowflakes” need to realize that evil will not give them a safe space and evil will kill their puppy in front of them. If they haven’t learned it yet, they need to learn to read, write and speak Arabic because if the evil is not stopped, that will be their future.

A big thank you to those who fought the evil and died for our freedoms. We hope to see you again in a better place and thank you in person. – Dale Johnson

Guest Editorial - Thank you Stephen Colbert

(Published 5-17-2017) 

The recent vulgar outburst by comedian Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’ “Late Show” proves there are no limits for the leftists of America when it comes to trashing Donald J. Trump, the 45th person to serve as America’s president. Because this is a family newspaper, there is no way we are going to quote Colbert’s crude and vulgar remarks. However, if you haven’t seen Colbert’s vulgar rant, please watch it. It’s titled “This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President (” on YouTube.

Colbert defended his obscene remarks by saying that he was defending CBS host John Dickerson after Mr. Trump had given the CBS network 33 minutes on “Face the Nation” and 10 minutes on “CBS This Morning. The president, after fielding an endless barrage of negative questions before he finally tired of it and calmly cut off Dickerson, saying, “That’s enough. Thank you. ”To put things in perspective, it could easily be argued that Mr. Trump faced more CBS hostility in one interview than Barack Obama faced on CBS in eight years.

One would think that an attack of pornographic nature against the president would bring about an uproar. Think again. Leftists appeared not to be offended by remarks, except for the gay left, for disparaging same-sex activity. The only impression that leaves with us is that it is okay to treat the president in a gutter-like method, but don’t dare say anything that might be construed as an insult to homosexuals. Before you think we are homophobic, note that we think the gay left should be upset with Colbert, but so should all Americans for his complete lack of respect for the president.

At the same time, we can’t help but wonder what the uproar would have been like if similar remarks had been made by Colbert at the direction of our former president Barack Obama, or at the expense of Hillary Clinton. You know as well as we do, Colbert would no longer have a job. But, once again, the double-standard of the establishment media has reared its ugly head and Colbert, as far as we can ascertain, has not been rebuked in any way other than by the gay left.

Certainly Colbert is not in a class by himself. Mr. Trump has managed to make liberals looney. The list of celebrities who have wished him harm is lengthy; the establishment media, as well as a host of members of Congress have, repeatedly, questioned his mental stability, as well as ridiculing his family members. And, adding to the classlessness of many of them, the “F-word” has frequently been used before the word “idiot.”

Those on the right, certainly had as much dislike for Mr. Obama as the liberals have for Mr. Trump. But, do you recall conservatives reacting in the same manner the Democrats, especially their elected members in Congress and media members, have been acting toward Mr. Trump? Neither do we. It goes much deeper than ridiculing the president. Modern-day liberalism is responsible for anarchy in the streets of America and on college campuses, and is a very real threat to our freedoms.

Columnist David Limbaugh sums it up perfectly on what passes for modern-day liberalism with this very astute quote: “Leftists claim to be defenders of democracy, yet they assault the democratic process at every turn. They just refuse to accept the results of the presidential election. Their bureaucratic armies in federal agencies from the EPA to the Department of Labor, openly defy Trump’s executive orders. Their appellate judges twist the law into pretzels to thwart his lawful orders on immigration and his travel ban. They take to the streets to commit criminal acts of violence disguised as lawful protests, vandalizing property and creating mayhem. They assault police officers in the name of protecting American workers – as if the cops aren’t American workers. They use violence to silence opposing political voices on the pretense that those opponents might incite violence. Their behavior is almost too absurd to take seriously – except it has very serious consequences, so we must showcase it.”

Some of the leading pundits analyze the Democratic leaders are behaving in such a way because their followers are demanding such. Some leadership! But at least we now know what Mr. Obama was telling us for eight years about his philosophy of leading from behind! Please, let extreme leftists keep making jackasses of themselves so that the American people will get a full dose of just how extreme the left has become and will realize this extremism seems to have taken over the Democrat Party. T

hank you, Mr. Colbert, for your part in pointing this out. – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial - Low rating is deserved

(Published 5-3-2017) 

After a brief two-month stint in which Congressional approval ratings shot up, public approval of our legislative branches has dropped sharply. In the latest Gallup Poll it was down nearly 10 points, to 20 percent, and will fall closer to the familiar, even lower, ratings. At the other end of the spectrum, two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Congress.

It is not unusual for Americans to hold a low opinion of Congress. Gallup has measured approval of Congress 286 times over the past 43 years, and a majority approved only 22 times, and almost all took place between 1998 and 2003.

The reason for both the spike and subsequent fall was attributed to the Republicans. In February, shortly after Donald J. Trump became our president, the rank and file GOP had hopes something might be accomplished in Congress because Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress as well as the White House.

However, two months into the Trump presidency, Republicans’ view of Congress soured considerably after the GOP’s failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a law widely opposed by Republicans. Opposition to it was a major factor in the party’s huge successes in the 2010, 2014 and 2016 elections.

Under the inept leadership of Speaker Paul Ryan, the Republicans managed to make a debacle out of a situation that should easily have been avoided. Ever since the inception of Obamacare, GOP congressional members have advocated for its repeal. Numerous times during President Obama’s administration, they voted to repeal it. But, when they have all the power, they lacked the leadership to follow through. What happened? Either the GOP establishment leadership is trying to sabotage President Trump’s agenda, or is inept at doing the job.

Another big reason Congress deserves a low approval rating is because, so often, members ignore constituents after being elected. Time after time, we have observed members going to Washington with good intentions, only to fail us by becoming part of the establishment that needs to be drained.

Others quit, disgusted with the system. Others become ostracized; and, if they don’t quit, are forced out at the polls. The recent defeat of Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Kansas, is an example. He bucked the establishment, which responded by defeating him in the primary. He was one of the best congressmen we have ever seen. Yet, his own party was instrumental in his political demise, because he dared buck the establishment.

The defeat of Huelskamp was a rarity as about 95 percent of incumbents are re-elected if they run. By playing the game the way the establishment demands, they are virtually guaranteed the job for as long as they like. And, what a job. The pay is $174,000 annually; there is a great retirement program; you have the best of health care; and don’t have to abide by some of the regulations made for common citizens. Under these conditions, it is no wonder the main job for most members is to work on being re-elected.

By the way, the average net worth of a member of Congress exceeds a million dollars, while the net worth of an average American household is about $60,000. All of this leads us to believe many, if not most, lose focus and have allowed their personal interests, as well as special interests, to be placed ahead of the interests of the American people.

Making matters even worse is their lackadaisical effort. They will be working only eight days in April. One of the big excuses for this is that they tell us they need to visit their districts to communicate with their constituents. Some do a good job of that; most don’t. And, we are sorry, but this is 2017, not 1776. There are all sorts of ways they can communicate with us while staying in Washington and giving us a full work week.

We are tired of their excuses and their lack of results. We have a national debt approaching $20 trillion, a failing health care system and disastrous immigration policies, etc., yet it’s only necessary for them to work eight days in April!

Mr. Trump is right. The swamp needs to be drained. The easy way for that to happen is term limits. That will never happen because it needs approval of those in the swamp. Another solution that will never happen is at the polls. For some reason, Americans believe their congressional member is great, (bring home the bacon!) but all others are horrible. Forget about that one, too.

The only realistic solution we see is if Mr. Trump is, somehow, able to drain the swamp. It will be an extremely difficult fight, but one that must be won if America is to remain great because if the current corruptness continues, our time as a great nation is about over. –­ Jack Krier


Editorial - Should the county be audited?

(Published 4-26-2017) 

Should the county be audited by State Auditor Nicole Galloway? The bottom line is yes, it should be but there are consequences to a detailed audit and we don’t think the county commissioners have considered this.

Why have an audit? Simple, to see where the county has messed up or in some cases where they outright broke the law.

The reasoning, stated in the letter the commissioners agreed to send to Galloway, is for “integrity and transparency” which in some ways is a joke.

There are still unanswered questions concerning the alleged data breach that allegedly occurred last year and nothing has been released about any conclusions that have come out of that. If it’s still under investigation, they should put out a press release saying so.

It shows very little “integrity and transparency” to keep taxpayers in the dark for this long.

According to the posted minutes of the meeting last week, the commissioners said they want the entire county to be audited, not just one office. Which office would that be we wonder?

Could it be the office of County Clerk Rowland Todd who as an individual (not as county clerk) is suing each commissioner personally?

If the commissioners think the audit will show great wrongdoing by Todd they may be in for a surprise, and the same goes for all the other elected offices.

Those elected officials answer to the voters and taxpayers directly and not to the commission. The commission has no jurisdiction over those offices. The auditor will judge them by state statutes, not by the commissioners’ rules, opinions or feelings.

One problem that may not have been considered by the commissioners is once you set aside the elected offices, everything else falls under their jurisdiction.

Human Resources, Planning and Zoning, Emergency Management, Road and Bridge and other facets of running the county falls squarely on their shoulders.

If the audit request is accepted, then we expect them to find the most problems in two places. One would be the sheriff’s department but that won’t reflect that much on current Sheriff Tony Helms, since he just took office in January of this year.

The other place will be the county commission and one of the items discussed was adherence to the Missouri Sunshine Law and whether that has been followed.

We can answer that with two examples.

On March 22 of this year The Reporter made a written Sunshine Law request for various information. One of the requests was the “Contract or agreement of services between the Camden County Commission and Husch Blackwell LLP (Services engaged on February 28, 2017 according to Husch Blackwell LLP).

The Missouri Sunshine Law states that “If a request for access is denied, the custodian shall provide, upon request, a written statement of the grounds for such denial. Such statement shall cite the specific provision of law under which access is denied and shall be furnished to the requester no later than the end of the third business day following the date that the request for the statement is received” Missouri Revised Statutes chapter 610.023.1.

The Reporter has yet to see any response in writing as to why our legitimate Sunshine Law request was denied. That, in our opinion is a violation of the law and we could (and might) file suit against the commissioners for blatantly doing so.

The second thing is in the past (occasionally) there have been “informal” meeting items listed on the commissioner’s agenda. That means that at least two of the commissioners (which would be a quorum) have met with an individual regarding county business but since they called it “informal” no minutes were taken at that meeting.

Is it really “informal” if it is planned ahead of time and listed on the agenda and a quorum is present?

Are the county commissioner’s really aware of what they will get by whacking the hornets nest with a baseball bat? We don’t think they do but despite the fact that it will cost taxpayer dollars to do the audit (and we mean lots of dollars) we think it is a good idea.

They want to represent the citizens of Camden County with “integrity and transparency” and we agree completely with them. We just hope that they will feel the same way once the auditor finishes her report. – Dale Johnson


Guest Editorial - What a pleasant surprise

(Published 4-19-2017) 

As we inch ever closer to President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, it is time for conservatives to celebrate his presidency, and realize just how fortunate we – and America – are that he won the presidential election.

We are not 100 percent confident Mr. Trump will continue to govern in the conservative mode that he has thus far, because he never exhibited much in the way of conservatism in his life prior to becoming our 45th president. Because of his lack of conservative credentials, I personally opted to throw my hat into the ring for a politician who had a proven track record as a conservative, Sen. Ted Cruz.

In fact, I dreaded Mr. Trump becoming the nominee because I thought it ensured the election of the very corrupt and inept Hillary Clinton. Now, in retrospect, Mr. Trump was probably the only candidate that could have beaten her. Mr. Trump took on the establishment media, lobbyists, the Clinton machine, the establishment Republicans, the Hollywood elites, and he is still standing today.

As we approach the ceremonial “100 days” we are very appreciative of what Mr. Trump has done and realize that neither Sen. Cruz or, for that matter, nor anyone else on the Republican ledger (most specifically Jeb Bush). would have come anywhere close to accomplishing what Mr. Trump has. Making his list of accomplishments all the more impressive is the fact he has had to fight the establishment media, Democrats and establishment Republicans every step of the way.

Their relentless pursuit never lets up, and their ridiculousness in charges is to the point that if Mr. Trump came up with a cure for cancer, the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) would raise the roof, crying that Mr. Trump was responsible for putting doctors and hospital staffs out of work.

We marvel at how Mr. Trump is able to stand up to the effort to destroy him. The liberal media have managed to destroy every GOP politician since Ronald Reagan, most notably President George W. Bush, but they have not deterred Mr. Trump who continues to act like they aren’t even there.

In the words of columnist Kurt Schlichter “History will record that once upon a time there was something that called itself #TheResistance, and it was President Trump’s best buddy because it provided him the cover to ruthlessly dismantle everything Barak Obama and Team Libfascist tried to build. Whining, virtue signaling, and figuratively choosing to die on strategically insignificant hills while dressed like lady parts; these were its methods. Yet instead of defeating him, it only made Donald Trump stronger and helped ensure his crushing of its members’ liberal dreams.”

Mr. Trump couldn’t have written a better play book. While his opponents are grasping at straws in an attempt to derail his agenda, he continues to honor his campaign promises, and, thus far, has governed more conservatively than anyone since President Calvin Coolidge, and that includes our beloved President Ronald Reagan.

A short list of what he has accomplished includes the appointment of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, which was the top priority of most GOP voters the last election. That, alone, is reason enough for conservatives to celebrate his presidency.

But, the impressive list doesn’t stop there. America can now say goodbye to the regulations that impoverish our miners, to the codes that skyrocket our electricity bills in the name of the weird liberal weather religion, and to rules declaring that puddle in your backyard one of the “waters of the United States” and allowing some bureaucrat with a clipboard and a sneer to tell you where you can and can’t build a tool shed.

Thus far, he is also living up to campaign promises to build a wall, to defeat ISIS, build up our badly depleted military, decrease the size of government, increase religious liberty, support pro-life, anti-abortion culture, defend our Second Amendment, etc.

The only blemish thus far is the healthcare debacle and we put the blame for that on congressional Republicans, namely Paul Ryan. We are certain, though, Mr. Trump learned from that and another version will eventually be presented that will pass the Congress.

We have also been impressed with how often he is right and how often the media has been made to look so foolish as they try everything within their power to destroy him. For certain, we still have some reservations, but one thing is becoming increasingly clear and that is he is the last hope to save America, and we must not let the establishment succeed in destroying him. – Jack Krier


Guest Editorial - Why the Russian obsession?

(Published 4-12-2017) 

We don’t understand it; we don’t get why so many people take Russia influencing our election seriously when there is absolutely zero evidence the Russians tipped the scale in favor of President Trump even after months of establishment media attempting to make us believe that if it hadn’t been for the Russians, Hillary Clinton would have defeated Donald Trump. (Could it be she was a flawed candidate?)

It continues even though Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are opening admitting they don’t expect to find active, informed collusion between the Trump campaign and known Russian intelligence operatives.

Even if the allegations from the establishment media and the Democrats were true about influencing our election – again, there is not a shred of evidence – bear this in mind: In allegations surrounding the U.S. elections, Russia is not being accused of anything remotely close to what U.S leaders have done to influence the elections of other countries. Of course, this history of meddling with elections across the planet is unfortunately absent from the establishment media discourse which allows a hostile climate on “Russophobia” to escalate by promoting it. And, as is all too frequently, it is based in hypocrisy and fake news.

Let’s take a look at past United States examples of election meddling: President Obama’s State Department openly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections according to a congressional investigation. He did this without as much as a protest from the party that is now up in arms over Russia’s apparently covert activity, still to be revealed. “The State Department ignored warning signs and funded a politically active group in a politically sensitive environment with inadequate safeguards,” said Ohio Senator Rob Portman, chairman of the subcommittee.

In the 1980s, Sen. Ted Kennedy and many of his fellow liberals were terribly misguided and foolishly saw Reagan as the greatest threat to world peace. Sound familiar? Sen. Kennedy had selfish political and ideological motives when he made secret overtures to the Soviet Union’s spy agency during the Cold War to thwart then-President Ronald Reagan’s re-election. When these surfaced years later, Kennedy’s secret contacts with the Russians through their KGB spy agency in the early 1980s didn’t cause a thousandth of the tizzy among liberals that Russia’s alleged interference with this year’s election has for President Trump.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also has a history of meddling across the planet in elections. The leaked e-mails reveal that as Secretary of State she worked very hard to influence elections in Latin American and proved that what the Democrats are accusing Russia of engaging in, are very mild in comparison to what has been actively done by U.S. leaders to influence the elections of other countries.

When it was feared that elections may go differently than they preferred, U.S. intelligence agencies have funded terrorist groups, supported people engaged in electoral fraud, and done everything possible to secure the results they wanted. Often, when countries elect or have governments they disfavor, the United States has supported military coups that overturned governments. Among them was the role Mrs. Clinton played as Secretary of State in the 2011 military intervention in Libya.

Isn’t it just a little bit disingenuous for those who orchestrated dozens of examples of election-meddling to react with horror if a powerful adversary with its own interests tried to influence in some way to impact the U.S. election? Are we so naive that we don’t expect such behavior in return?

With all the proven history of election meddling by the USA, why is the issue of alleged Russian influence in the last election still the overriding obsession of Democrats, the media and others?

The answer is the establishment, including the media, liberals and a substantial number of Republicans, believe a Trump presidency must be destroyed before it achieves another promise: draining the swamp in the Washington cesspool. The establishment is still reeling because candidates from both sides of the aisle were bulldozed under by Mr. Trump’s movement.

Establishment is scared to death Mr. Trump and his 60 million “deplorables” who voted for him will bulldoze their power-grabbing game. They are in for the fight of their life, and are grasping for straws to stop the Trump movement. – Jack Krier


Guest Editorial - Failure of establishment GOP

(Published 4-5-2017) 

Republicans, especially House Speaker Paul Ryan, recently proved they have but one element: The cowardice of their convictions.

There isn’t an elected Republican in the House who didn’t run on repealing Obamacare. Last year, every Republican in the House voted in favor repealing the law, as did every GOP senator. To prove they had principle, they put a bill on President Barack Obama’s desk, knowing full-well he would veto it, and then pounded their chest, claiming a moral victory for keeping campaign promises.

For seven years the cowardly Republicans have told us how they’d repeal Obamacare just as soon as they had the ability to do so. In that corresponding time frame, voters handed the cowards the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House. Voters anticipated great results, although they were leery of how Donald J. Trump would lead. Thus far, he has been remarkable, keeping one campaign promise after another in spite of the anticipate enormous opposition from a hostile press, the main arm of the Democrat Party.

Regardless, none of that would matter because none of it could possibly serve as an albatross around the neck for President Trump to fulfill another campaign promise, that of repealing Obamacare, (Affordable Care Act or as columnist Arthur Schaper calls it the “Unaffordable Careless Act (ACA) forced through Congress by the Democrats without a single Republican vote.

Obamacare needs to be repealed – period. No replacement needed. This process could have been done within days. All Ryan had to do was search the archive of dead bills for the budget reconciliation of 2016. That bill would have repealed Obamacare, except for the coverage pre-existing conditions and allowance for children to stay on their parents’ healthcare plans until age 26.

Schaper says: “I believe that President Trump approved of those two aspects of the ACA (even though they should be repealed, and the opportunity for such benefits restored to insurance companies and locally-run agencies). It’s time to get back to basics and just do the right thing, yet the (GOP) leaders refused to do so. What is the matter with the GOP leadership in the House?”

Unfortunately, Speaker Ryan and the remainder of the House leadership is a part of the Old-Establishment, none of whom ran for office by promising to “drain the swamp” as did our President. Rather than going back to what they did in 2016, they opted to give us Obamacare 2.0 that did not lower insurance premiums; and did not give us access to quality health care choice.

Speaker Ryan, as do all establishment politicians, works for donors. In Ryan’s case, he has never done anything else in his 18 years in Congress. Why would he, all of a sudden, start now? The answer, based on his performance in Obamacare 2.0, is that neither he, nor his cohorts in the House leadership, will change. Perhaps somebody should inform them they no longer work for a President Obama; that there is a new sheriff in town.

The harsh reality of what transpired in the House recently is most Republicans are conservatives only when it comes time for elections. Their rhetoric of “repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a free market solution” was really just replacing one federally managed monstrosity with another. Sure, it might be smaller, but the concept remains – Washington is in charge.

Republicans need to keep their word and repeal all of Obamacare, and remove the other barriers government has erected to creating a nationwide health insurance market. States should be free to band together and reregulate to create large markets or become islands of regulation unto themselves.

When Obamacare passed, many Democrats in Congress knew they were committing political suicide. They did it anyway because they believed in what they were doing. We highly doubt there would be anywhere near the blowback as the Democrats sustained in 2010, and maybe just the opposite if the GOP had courage enough to repeal Obamacare. If so, it would be worth the price; lurking in the woods is the ultimate Democratic prize, the single payer system.

Republicans need to learn this lesson of courage of conviction. They also need to know we are not blaming Mr. Trump, but are blaming our legislators. Ryan and other GOP house members – save the Freedom Caucus – have proven they don’t have either any courage or any conviction to conservatism. If our nation, as we know it, is to survive, they must be replaced at the next election. God bless Donald Trump. – Jack Krier


Editorial - Our Government at work

(Published 3-29-2017) 

Once again we have a conflict in the courthouse and once again it involves the Presiding Commissioner. This, for some reason, is a pattern that has been ongoing for a number of years.

When Carolyn Loraine was the Presiding Commissioner we received numerous anonymous letters about things she was allegedly doing in the courthouse, things the letter writer felt were wrong if not illegal. Nothing was ever proven.

Exit Loraine and enter Kris Franken. He was also accused of wrongdoing and when 2nd District Commissioner Cliff Luber took office he had a constant conflict with Franken.

During the reign of Loraine, 3rd District Commissioner Beverly Thomas had her office between Loraine and then 2nd District Commissioner Thom Gumm. Before Luber moved in, she moved her office where Gumm’s had been so she wouldn’t be between Luber and the Presiding commissioner.

We understood the intelligent reason she did that.

Franken was now the evil one (in some way, according to Luber and a few others) and Luber was the only righteous voice standing for the people (the ones he didn’t throw under the bus).

Luber joined candidate Greg Hasty to remove Franken from office and he succeeded.

That marriage didn’t last long at all after Hasty took office and then he became the bad guy (in Luber’s eyes) and the conflict between the Presiding Commissioner and someone continued.

Now we have another conflict in the courthouse and this time is has resulted in a lawsuit by County Clerk Rowland Todd and mainly Greg Hasty, though the other two commissioners are included in the suit.

Newly elected 2nd District Commissioner Don Williams had been in office just over two months when he found himself being sued as part of Todd’s lawsuit. Welcome to public service, Don!

Is there a real problem with megalomaniacal people constantly occupying the office of Presiding Commissioner or is there a deeper problem that is not being addressed?

Todd’s lawsuit claims that Hasty publicly said on the radio that Todd “stole” something from the Human Resources room.

Todd says he is being persecuted because he is the whistleblower in exposing the county commissioners wasting taxpayer money.

Hasty says Todd is not the whistleblower and points the finger at Todd for being a troublemaker.

If Hasty did publicly accuse Todd of stealing then Todd should be the winner of the lawsuit and the county needs to pay him compensation.

The report of Husch Blackwell’s “independent” investigation came to the conclusion that Todd did not break any laws in regards to any of the accusations.

(This assumes that a law firm that the county has used on a regular basis and hired by the county commissioners to discover if Todd is guilty can be “independent.”)

If people carefully read the report, they will find conclusions stated that are merely an opinion of Husch Blackwell (HB) and not a conclusion based on facts.

For instance:

• “Based on a review and analysis of all relevant information, HB believes the removal and concealment of the records from the HR office was a planned and coordinated effort to undermine Christensen’s ability to perform her job duties…”

The word “believe’ is not a factual conclusion and is simply a belief. You could substitute the word “faith” for believe.

“Scientists believe that the dinosaurs died off approximately 60 million years ago.”
“Scientists have faith that the dinosaurs died off approximately 60 million years ago.”

“Based on a review and analysis of all relevant information, HB has faith the removal and concealment…”

Conclusion should be based on facts not on faith.

Another opinion of HB: “The video evidence, which shows that Todd (and Muscia) essentially ambushed Bozzardi when she was in the HR office, clearly refutes this bald misrepresentation made by Todd.”

And why wasn’t Luber, who was also named as creating the alleged “hostile work environment” (that HB concluded has no legal standing) given any space in the report except for mentioning his name?

Each one of those accused should have been investigated thoroughly by the “independent” investigation but Luber was not. Makes you wonder if this isn’t just a witch hunt on Todd and his office.

On the other hand, maybe Hasty is right. Maybe Todd is upset because the power of the Human Resources Department is not longer under his thumb and he’s throwing a fit about it.

If he can’t have the power then the entire county should suffer.

Only time will tell who is right but over the years the conflicts have consistently involved the Presiding Commissioner whether he (or she) was actually the guilty one.

In the end, this is costing the citizens of Camden County.

If Hasty did accuse Todd of stealing and it can’t be proven, Hasty will pay with voter outrage since the county will have to pay the financial cost the judge decides is fair to Todd and that will doom Hasty’s re-election (if he even runs for a second term).

And that money may be covered by the county’s insurance, or it may not. Does it cover when one elected official sues another?

If the insurance doesn’t pay then the county will be required to spend taxpayer money to settle the suit.

If Todd is wrong then he will come out of it looking like a sore loser just throwing a baby fit because he no longer has his toy.

We’ve had a good relationship with certain elected officials at the courthouse including Todd and we don’t believe for a second (have faith for a second!) that Todd is making this up.

We think there is a deeper issue here that is being hidden. If money is being wasted, then the state needs to come in and do a full detailed audit of Camden County (which would be a good idea anyway).

If Todd is wrong then he will pay a hefty price and that price may be removal from office.

No matter the conclusion, the taxpayers of Camden County will end up paying the price and may never know the real truth. – Dale Johnson

Guest Editorial - Two more for File 13

(Published 3-22-2017) 

Ever since the shocking, stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton by President Donald J. Trump, the Democrats have been fumbling around for reasons (read that excuses) why and how their designated heir to the throne was denied her “rightful place” as leader of our great country. At first, Democrats concentrated on the fact Madam Queen won the popular vote and that should count rather than the Electoral College system which has been the determining factor since the founding of America. But, if you consider 80 or so percent of the 4.5 million votes garnered by Libertarian Gary Johnson, would have gone to Mr. Trump he would have won the popular vote.

If that’s not enough, throw out California and New York, and Mr. Trump is a run-away winner in the popular vote. Do you really want the populous Democrat states picking your president? Regardless, the Democrats finally succumbed to the fact it is the Electoral College and not the popular vote that determines the outcome. Consequently, they turned their guns on trying to twist off Mr. Trump’s votes. That failed, big-time, as Mrs. Clinton lost more electoral votes in the process than did Mr. Trump.

Shortly after that they turned their big guns (establishment media) onto something they thought was a sure-fire winner explaining Mrs. Clinton’s loss, and that was because the Russians hacked Democratic emails. They repeated this fake news (read that lie) for several weeks without one iota of evidence that it happened. It finally reached the boiling point and Mr. Trump got fed up with the constant lies from Democrats and completely turned the tables by announcing ­– with proof – that phones of the Trump campaign had been hacked, and this includes the felonious leaks that have occurred since Mr. Trump took office. (Editor’s note: to our knowledge proof has yet to surface on those wiretap claims)

There’s a whole more to be unearthed in this story, but that’s a subject to be dealt with later, but from all indications it looks like the Democrats are going to be very, very sorry they opened that can of worms. Regardless, it is another excuse for Hillary losing that can join all the others in File 13. Since then, the Democrats have been concentrating on the fact her loss can be attributed to the fact she was a woman. Recently she blamed her loss on her gender during a closed-door gathering on “Women’s Leadership and Opportunities” at Wellesley College, an elite East Coast school from which she graduated nearly 50 years ago.

“You know you are going to be subjected to unfair and beside-the-point criticism,” she said in response to a question on the difficulties of women running for office. We wonder by whom? Certainly, not the media. Just a few days ago Clinton’s “woman card” loss has been slapped down and by Democrats, no less.

A gender-swamping experiment was designed to reveal gender bias with the goal of the project being to prove that people would not have accepted Trump’s aggressive behavior had it come from a woman, and that Hillary’s debate style would be much more likeable if she were a man. It was conducted by two self-identified liberal professors, where actors of the opposite sex played the roles of the two candidates citing exact lines and copying body language and intonation. The professors and their primarily liberal audience were shocked with how hard the male version of Clinton was to admire while the female Trump “shined” in moments they recalled as the real Trump “flailing or lashing out.” The professors said, “We both thought that the inversion would confirm our liberal assumption – that no one would have accepted Trump’s behavior from a woman, and that the male Clinton would seem like a much stronger candidate. But we kept checking in with each other and realized that this disruption – a major change in perception – was happening.

“The expectation, held by myself and the majority of people polled before the performance, had been that Clinton would look ‘more presidential’ as a man and Trump’s lack of respect for, and aggression toward, his opponent would not be tolerated in a woman. Our predictions were way off.” They concluded that when the female version of Trump was attacking there was so much respect for her and her level of confidence, and that the simplicity of Trump’s message became easier for people to hear when it was coming from a woman. Another excuse for File 13. This brings us to the last – and only reason – that Mrs. Clinton lost ... she was a terrible candidate. The question is when, if ever, will Democrats come to that realization? – Jack Krier


Guest Editorial - Mr. Trump traps Democrats

(Published 3-15-2017) 

There is a growing sentiment in America that the Democrats are depressed, disoriented, demoralized, devastated and discredited in the wake of perhaps the greatest start of any president in modern history. Some even fear that this sentiment has reached the point that the Democrats realize their party is in complete disarray because of President Trump and will do anything they can to destroy him. It appears they are to the point it is worth harming the country as long as it inflicts damage to Mr. Trump’s movement. And, it is a movement, not of Republican origin, but one that has came to be because of the way the two established political parties have inflicted harm in all sorts of ways upon America.

The extent of just how deep the disarray there is in the Democrat Party came to the surface following Mr. Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress last recently. Prior to that speech, called by most his best ever, Democrats were holding out hope Mr. Trump would not be accepted by a majority of Americans as a legitimate president. The speech was a nail in that coffin in regards to many “on the fence” realizing that Mr. Trump is our president. There was near 80 percent approval in many polls, including one by CNN, the network that never misses a chance to bash Mr. Trump. But, honest observers didn’t need polls to see what was transpiring. All one had to do was watch the behavior of Democrats in Congress during his speech.

The Democratic members of Congress watching the speech looked like a party of the living dead. They didn’t know how to react. Every time Mr. Trump called for bipartisanship for the good of our beloved country, they winced. They couldn’t stand it and didn’t know how to react because they are the least bipartisan people in the world and they scarcely know what cooperation is, as evidenced, by among other things, the lack of action they are exhibiting in allowing Mr. Trump’s cabinet-level choices to be confirmed. We, as will millions of Americas, remember the Congressional Democrat leaders who refused to stand with and for the president when he called for the war against radical Islam terrorism, (wasn’t it great to finally have a president not afraid to utter those words?) or worse, those who sat during the long tribute to the slain Navy SEAL. Sadly, later, many Leftist pundits also ridiculed his widow. V

an Jones, as liberal as they come, noted that it was a very successful speech for Mr. Trump, stating, “He did something tonight that you cannot take away from him. He became president of the United States.” To those who have recently acknowledged that Mr. Trump is our president, may we say the Trump America saw at his address to Congress is the same Trump we have seen since inauguration. Welcome to the club! Family Research Council President Tony Perkins went further, “Tonight, President Trump gave encouragement to Americans of all backgrounds who have suffered the loss of their freedoms, especially religious liberty, because of destructive Obama-era policies.” Perhaps, too, the Democrats now realize Mr. Trump has sprung a trap on them. The Democrat base demands a scorched-earth approach to politics, openly lusting for impeachment without the least bit of evidence for such. Their base demands no cooperation with the man they call a Hitler, while the rest of America is calling for racial and religious tolerance, jobs for Americans, and the destruction of ISIS. These are goals supported by all but members of the lunatic Left.

Democrats in Congress now have a choice of alienating their base if they cooperate with the president’s initiatives – Obamacare repeal/replace, the budget, the infrastructure program, and rebuilding the military – or driving away centrist elements of the electorate who traditionally vote Democrat but who saw a lot of common sense solutions to problems that worry them. That’s the trap Mr. Trump has sprung on them. With this speech highlighting his actions since his inauguration, Mr. Trump, much to the amazement and disappointment of Democrats, has revealed there is a statesman America has not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan, living within a complex personality that also contains a street fighter.

They certainly have to realize Mr. Trump can execute pressure on Senate Democrats facing the voters in 2018. Who doubts Mr. Trump, a man who loves to campaign, would fly around the country to states served by a Democrat senator, especially in states he won last fall, to campaign against re-election of those who stand in the way of his agenda; an agenda that will make him one of our greatest leaders. – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial - RIP: Norma McCorvey

(Published 3-8-2017) 

Norma McCorvey died recently in Texas of a heart ailment at the age of 69. To most, the name, Norma McCorvey, does not ring a bell; however, she was, in fact, a very famous person. She was the “Jane Roe” in the Roe. v. Wade case that legalized abortion in America in 1973.

While she was well-known as Jane Roe, what is frequently, and conveniently, overlooked is what she did later in life. You see, she completely reversed field and became a strong pro-life advocate.

“I believe that I was used and abused by the court system in America,” she said in testimony in 2005 before a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary committee. “Instead of helping women in Roe v. Wade, I brought destruction to me and millions of women throughout the nation.”

Her story is an interesting one, and one that should continue to be told. Her testimony before the Senate exposed the truth about the Roe v. Wade decision, admitting the affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court “didn’t happen the way I said it did, pure and simple. I lied.” She said her attorneys “needed an extreme case to make their client look pitiable” so the premise of gang rape “started out as a little lie, but my little lie grew and became more horrible with each telling.”

She also said she was “lied to” by her legal counsel “to further their (abortion) agenda ... Since all these lies succeeded in dismantling every state’s protection of the unborn, I think it’s fair to say that the entire abortion industry is based on a lie.” Syndicated columnist Susan Stamper Brown said: “To that point, what good could ever come from a law conceived by lies and deceit? But apparently lies matter little to those bowing at the altar of self-ism.To them, abortion is a holy sacrament they’ll do anything to protect. They refuse to accept that even if you leave God out of the argument, life begins at the moment of fertilization and the child develops his own unique DNA. Without a doubt, the most dangerous place in America today is in the womb.”

McCorvey’s path to becoming staunch pro-life was interesting. Her early life had been a Dickensian nightmare. She was the unwanted child of a broken home, a school drop-out who was raped repeatedly by a relative and a homeless runaway and thief consigned to reform school. She was married at 16, divorced and left pregnant three times. All this background points to the fact she was too unsophistical to know she was being used for other purposes than just obtaining her abortion. Ironically, she never had an abortion. Some 20 years after Roe v. Wade, she began to work in abortion clinics.

“Like most Americans, I had no actual experience with abortion. When I began to work in the abortion clinics I became even more emotionally confused and conflicted between what my conscience knew to be evil, and what the judges, my mind and my need for money were telling me was okay. I saw women crying in the recovery room. If abortion is so right, why were the women crying? “I saw the baby parts, which are a horrible sight to see. I urge everyone who supports abortion to look at the bodies to face the truth of what they support.” As her conscience continued to bother her, she turned to alcohol to kill the pain. Her life turned in 1995 when an anti-abortion group opened an office next to the abortion clinic where she worked. She befriended a minister and within months was baptized as a born-again Christian. In 1998 she converted to Catholicism, and in 2005, begged that the monster she help created be reversed, claiming her “lawyers were looking for a young, white woman to be a guinea pig for a great new social experiment, somewhat like what Adolf Hitler did.

“Do you have any idea how much emotional grief I have experienced? It is like a living hell knowing that you have had a part to play, though in some sense I was just a pawn of the legal system. But, I have to accept my role in the deaths of millions of babies and the destruction of women’s lives,” she said while admitting her part in legalized abortion on demand “was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Even though she was forgiven, she had to suffer the consequences every day of what she had done. Regret it deeply and daily, but once a bell is rung, there is no way it can be un-rung. In the words of columnist Brown: “But, from what I understand about God’s grace, I wouldn’t be surprised if the One who has washed her sins ‘as white as snow’ brought with him to Heaven’s gates, the vast sea of 58 million precious kids, the victims of abortion, to welcome a weary Norma home.” RIP Norma McCorvey – Jack Krier

Guest Editorial - Trump: The Standard Bearer?

(Published 3-1-2017) 

For at least two decades, we are on record advocating the citizens of the Soviet Union were better served by Pravda (their media) than the citizens of the United States have been served by our mainstream (elitist) media. Our reasoning is Pravda made no attempt to fool the people that they were an arm of the government. Compare that to our media which has made every attempt to fool the people, trying to convince us they are not an arm of the Democrat Party.

For decades, the media has acted as an arm of the Democrat Party. President Ronald Reagan had the ability to go around the media and reach the people, and this accounted for much of his success, but since then the Republican Party has lacked the intestinal fortitude to combat the establishment press. For some strange reason they all seemed to believe if they absorbed all the dishonest pounding the establishment media gave them, it was better than standing up to them, evidently hoping that, eventually, the media will learn to like them. What it did was leave the truth untold, and everyday Americans were left in the dark.

Until Rush Limbaugh revolutionized radio, there was no place to get an accurate accounting of news. Consequently, the establishment media kept feeding us fake news story after fake news stories and they were able to get by with it because there was no one to lead the opposition. As great as Limbaugh is, he wasn’t able to convince anyone other than a few million conservative listeners, that the media was dishonest.

Then, along came our standard bearer, President Donald J. Trump. In the 18 months that he has been on the political scene, he has been able to open the eyes of millions of Americans to the fake news game of the establishment media. He has been so effective that now the establishment media’s ratings are completely in the tank, even lower than Congress’.

According to a recent poll, that asked who do you trust most, Mr. Trump or the media, Mr. Trump is the winner. More than 90 percent of Republicans trust Mr. Trump over the media while nearly 70 percent of independents also chose Mr. Trump. That leaves only Democrats having a positive feeling for our dishonest establishment media. Add it all up and less than a third of Americans have even a fair amount of trust in the media. By way of comparison, it was 72 percent in 1976. This is a stunning development for an institution designed to inform the public, and was given special consideration by our Forefathers. America owes Mr. Trump a huge debt of gratitude for his leadership in exposing a dishonest media.

Mr. Trump is also correct in his assertion that the establishment media, in all of its dishonesty, has become an enemy of the citizens of America. It would be no problem filling the rest of this space listing examples of media fake news that have harmed America. A couple of them, however, stand out. First, is the “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie that the media relentlessly pounded America with, even after it became apparent the whole Ferguson tragedy was based on a lie. Had the establishment media done the job and blew the lid off the lie, as it should have, the subsequent rioting would not have occurred.

Another example would be the press refusing to challenge President Obama’s obvious lies when promoting Obamacare; i.e. keeping your doctor, keeping your plan, and Obamacare will save you money. Millions of Americans have unnecessarily been harmed financially because the media perpetuated his lies. The establishment press has become so dishonest Mr. Trump is absolutely right to skirt them at every opportunity. It is beyond argument that the media has not, nor will they start, to treat him fairly. Mr. Trump can not get a fair deal when the media filters and twists his statements. He must, in addition to blasting them with press conferences, continue his use of Twitter, if he wants an unfiltered agenda to reach his 46,000,000 followers on social media.

These are the reasons Mr. Trump chose to fire howitzers at the media in a recent press conference. It was a press conference for the ages and a message that conservatives have been waiting for decades to hear. Finally, we have a standard bearer to fight back against a biased, dishonest media. “Go Mr. Trump, go.”

The befuddled, seething melted down media is full of outrage and is wanting us to side with them. They still don’t get that we, those of us who aren’t liberal, despise them for what they have done to our country. They have ruined their own reputation and now want us to help them win it back. When will they realize they must start reporting the truth and quit obsessing over undermining our president in order to see their ratings begin to rise? Until then, Mr. Trump should keep punching back– Jack Krier

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