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Published May 15, 2024

Sometimes suspects ignore the Taser

CAMDEN COUNTY – A Camdenton woman has found herself in jail after an incident on Sunday May 5.

According to the probable Cause Statement (PCS) filed with the county court, at 1:40 a.m. a deputy from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) responded to a residence for a report of a woman banging on a window.

The reporting party had called the previous night for a similar incident involving the same female.

Once the officer arrived on the scene he was informed that the woman, later identified as Anna Stephens, had walked down the road to another residence. The officer could hear Stephens screaming.

According to the PCS, when he got to that location he found Stephens sitting on a patio chair by the lakeshore not wearing anything but a blanket. The officer told Stephens to stand up and she refused.

“I began assisting her up out of the chair at which time she attempted to pull away from me. With the assistance from a Missouri Highway Patrol Officer, we assisted her to the ground where she continued to resist. I instructed her multiple times to quit resisting but she did not comply,” the PCS stated.

“Stephens was lying on her back refusing to turn on to her stomach to be placed into handcuffs. Eventually Anna was secured into handcuffs but was able to break free of the restraints.”

While officers attempted to re-secure her, the CCSO deputy had his left knee on the ground in front of Stephen’s face.

“I felt Anna move her head towards my knee and bite down which caused a sharp pain in my knee. When Anna bit down on my knee I delivered a closed fist strike to the left side of her face and instructed her to quit biting me, which she complied but then continued to resist.

“Anna was able to pull her arm away and turn towards me. Anna was able to reach out between my legs and grabbed my testicles and attempted to pull them but I was able to pull away from her and secure her arm.”

Another officer arrived on the scene to help secure her in handcuffs but officers said she was still resisting verbal commands. This is when the Taser made an appearance.

“I drew my County issued Taser 7 and placed it on Anna’s right shoulder blade. I informed Anna that if she continued to resist she was going to receive a drive stun which she did not comply. I delivered a 5 second drive stun to her shoulder blade but she did not comply. I informed Anna if she continued to resist she would receive another drive stun but she did not comply.”

The officer applied another drive stun and she finally complied and was put in handcuffs and taken to the Camden County jail.

She has been charged with Assault - 3rd Degree - Special Victim (Felony), Resisting/Interfering With Arrest For A Felony (Felony) and Assault- 4th Degree - Pursuant To Subdivision (3) Special Victims (Misdemeanor).
She was given a $5,000 Surety Only Bond.

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