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Published April 3, 2024

Following the Camden County campaign money trail

CAMDENCOUNTY – There is one fact that each candidate for public office must deal with: money for their campaign.

Running for office can get expensive and some can afford it out of their own pocket but many others have to raise money from donors, so who gives what to what candidate?

Candidates who raise money are required to file a report with the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) and to list how they received money and where it is being spent. All that information is public and helps voters see who is financing a candidate.

Candidates file reports four times a year plus eight days before an election and 30 days after an election.

In addition, a large donation requires a special filing.

A candidate who is the only name on the ballot may not need to raise any money, as is the case in several Camden County offices.

First District Commissioner has only one name listed for the August Primary – James Gohagan – and he only filed a “Limited Activity” report with no money raised.

A financial report was also not submitted for the Assessor position (Marty McGuire is the only one who filed) and the Treasurer position (Kendra Hicks was the only one filing).

Thomas Gorsline is running unopposed for the Public Administrator job (which he currently holds) and has not yet filed with the MEC.

The five who will be on the August Primary ballot for Second District Commissioner are Bill Walker, Steve Dougan, Deryl Osborn, James Rericha and Daniel Dugan (all Republicans).

There are no financial reports for any of the five names running for Second District Commissioner but that may change as the months progress.

Of the eight people running for County Sheriff, four (Gregg Sellers, Jeff Beauchamp, Josh Butterfield and Patrick Cochran) have no financial reports filed with the MEC. The other four candidates have filed reports.

Chris Edgar filed a “Limited Activity” report with no money listed.

Brian Butts loaned his own campaign $50 according to his October 2023 quarterly report and filed a “Limited Activity” report in January 2024 with no money raised.

Phil Cannon

Cannon’s January report showed that he raised $1,740 and had expenditures of $1,335.79.

Contributions (all were monetary)


Jimmy Brashear

Brashear began raising money last year with his July 2023 report listing a $500 loan to his campaign from himself.  In that report the only expenditure was for $30.39 to Heritage Bank of the Ozarks for New Checks.

In his October 2023 quarterly report he loaned his campaign another $100 with the only expense being $29.77 for Electronic Charge-Pair Networks.

In his January report, Brashear listed a monetary donation of $2,500 from Turn-Key Mobile out of Jefferson City, MO, on December 14, 2023.

In his expenditures the only item listed was $2,500 on December 19, 2023 to Turn-Key Mobile. The reason listed on his MEC report was “RETURN OF NON-LEGAL CONTRIBUTION RECEIVED ON 12/14.”

Turn-Key Mobile does offer various products for law enforcement but no other explanation was given on the MEC report but he did return the “non-legal” donation.

He also listed another loan from himself to his campaign for $200.

The next filing with the MEC for all candidates is due by April 15, 2024 and will be for January-March activity.

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