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(Updated July 23, 2015)


More money: three tax increases on Aug. 4 ballot

By Dale Johnson
   CAMDEN COUNTY – Three separate tax increases for three separate entities will come before the voters on August 4 with two of them being fire issues.
   The Osage Beach Fire Protection District (OBFPD) will try to follow the lead of the Mid-County Fire Protection District’s (MCFPD) successful effort to raise taxes last year.
   Residents approved a 12-cent tax levy for MCFPD in April of 2014 in Camden County after initially voting against the measure in a special election the previous November.
   OBFPD, however, is seeking slightly more than MCFPD.
   “Shall the Board of Directors of the Osage Beach Fire Protection District be authorized to levy an additional tax of not more than fifteen cents on the one hundred dollars assessed valuation to provide funds for the district?”
   Those in the fire district, which includes Linn Creek, will make the decision.
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Osage Beach finally approves Arrowhead Centre TIF

By Jeff Thompson
   OSAGE BEACH - The initial Arrowhead Centre Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Plan was finally approved by the Board of Aldermen after amendments were added by the city’s TIF Commission.
   (A TIF is a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) which is a mechanism for providing funds in economically depressed areas. TIF programs are designed to use the increased property tax revenues generated by an urban development (the tax increment) to pay for the public costs of that development. TIFs have become a major tool in many developments. Even if the developer has the money to build without using a TIF, the mechanism is in place for them to take advantage of.)
   The approval took place at the board’s regular meeting last Thursday night at City Hall.
The $385 million project seeks approximately $55 million in reimbursable TIF funds.
   Before the approval, the public had the chance to comment on the plan - which includes a Community Improvement District (CID) - with the public comment opportunity mandated by CID state statutes.

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OB Board of Aldermen actions Thursday July 16

   OSAGE BEACH - In other business at the July 16 Board of Aldermen meeting:
   * A request from Parks & Recreation Manager Matt Vandervoort to purchase a new rotary deck mower for $27,399.21 through a Missouri State Contract was approved by the board.
   According to Vandervoort, the Toro Groundmaster 35-5-D mower will take the place of the “dated equipment” currently being used to maintain the ball parks at the City Park and Peanick Park.
   “None of these (current) mowers create a quality turf,” Vandervoort said in a report to the board. “The mowers we currently have scalp and injure our sports turf and they have numerous repair problems that cause major delays in our abilities to complete tasks in a timely fashion.”
   The mower comes with a two-year warranty and “potentially could save 20 minutes of mowing per field with its wider cut,” Vandervoort added.
   * Since the new mower is a not a budgeted item, the board also approved a budget amendment ordinance to pay for the new equipment.

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County turns historic cemetery over to historical society

By Dale Johnson
   CAMDEN COUNTY – The county commissioners voted last week to sign over a historic lake area cemetery to the Camden County Historical Society.
   The cemetery, which is being referred to as “Roach Cemetery”, has a long history with the lake area but had fallen into neglect over the years.
   The graves are part of the history of the county and came from various cemeteries that were moved for the flooding of the area once Bagnell Dam was completed.
   Most of the graves came from Lower Prairie Hollow but many others from various cemeteries also found a final resting place in Roach. A total of 286 bodies were moved by Union Electric (UE) but many more have joined the ground since then.

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Lake Ozark approves policies for city employees

By Jeff Thompson
   LAKE OZARK - Personnel policies and responsibilities for city employees were formalized at last Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting.
   City Administrator Dave Van Dee had been trying for months to update the job descriptions of the city clerk, city treasurer and accounting clerk as part of a proposed administrative operations action plan.
   The board approved a resolution that redefined and clarified the three job descriptions, including accounting clerk which will be a new position for city staff.
   The road to the job descriptions has not been an easy one for the city administrator.
   At the board’s May 12 meeting Van Dee announced an upcoming workshop to address the proposed administrative operations action plan.
   “Due to the growth we have experienced in the community we need to give consideration to changing the manner in which we have been operating,” Van Dee had stated in a report to the board. The action plan “is an opportunity that I feel strongly we should take advantage of in regard to the administrative operations of our city,” Van Dee added.
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Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen actions Tuesday July 14

   LAKE OZARK - In other business at the July 14 Board of Aldermen meeting:
   * The approval by the board of a special event permit will bring the 2015 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Meet & Greet back to the Bagnell Dam Strip.
   The event will be held Wednesday, Aug. 26. Race participants will once again be placing their boats on The Strip’s center lane to allow visitors and residents the opportunity to view the boat and meet with the racers and their crews.
   The event had been held at the Laurie Fairgrounds for the last two years. (See separate 2015 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout story on page one)
   * Another special event approval paves the way for the Ozark Kiwanis Club’s annual Dam Duck Drop which will be held Saturday, Aug. 1 below the Bagnell Dam.
   Rubber ducks will be dropped from a helicopter and will “race” with the Osage River current to the “finish line.”

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