Updated January 17, 2019


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Missing child found safe in Laclede, two arrested

CAMDEN COUNTY – A missing child has been located after a five-month search and two suspects arrested in Laclede County last week.

On Tuesday January 8, the Laclede County Detective Division, acting on information received by the United States Marshals Service Midwest Violent Fugitive Task Force, was able to obtain a search warrant for a residence on Highway N in Laclede County, MO, that was executed at approximately 4:35 p.m.

The task force has been working with the Camden County Sheriff’s Department (CCSD) and other agencies for several months in hopes of getting a lead that would assist them in finding six-year-old Braedence Jones.

The Laclede County Detective Division has been in frequent contact with the CCSD due to the sightings reported in the City of Stoutland and Laclede County.
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Hamilton arrested in Arkansas

MORGAN COUNTY – A man wanted for allegedly shooting another in the face has been arrested in Arkansas.

The incident happened on December 28 when Morgan County Deputies arrived on the scene of a shooting and found a male subject with a gunshot wound to his face.  He was transported to a Jefferson City hospital in stable condition and was able to identify the shooter, the MCSD said.

Revious L Hamilton Jr., 50, was identified by the victim as the shooter. The MCSD described how the incident unfolded:

Hamilton lives across the street from the victim and apparently started verbally assaulting the victim and then fired several rounds from a handgun at the victim.

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Courthouse Painting will remain in place

CAMDEN COUNTY - A threat from the Freedom From Religion Foundation will be “disregarded” for now, according to Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter to County Clerk Rowland Todd in November telling him that two pictures “in your office” are a violation of the constitution and have to be removed.

The FFRF is an organization that seeks to destroy the belief in any god and eliminate all religious expression, particularly Christianity.

They claim to have a “member of your community” who filed a complaint with the FFRF over the two pictures. They also claim both are in the County Clerk’s office, which is not true.

One is and the other is in the courthouse hallway by the elevators and not in the clerk’s office. Todd has no jurisdiction on that painting.

Their letter describes the “offensive” items.

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Presiding Commissioner statement

CAMDEN COUNTY – County Commissioner Greg Hasty released his opening statement regarding the threat from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It is available on his Facebook page.

January 8, 2019

Camden County Presiding Commissioner opening statement

We are gathered together today, because of a complaint written to the Camden County Clerk, from the Freedom from Religion Foundation. They are saying that we are endorsing Christianity because our 911 Memorial Painting contains a Latin cross. Our 911 Memorial painting frames the same images that were a part of the events of September 11, 2001, so that is obviously not the case. I have photographs with me today, which show that everything contained in the 911 Memorial Painting is based on actual events, as they happened. The FFRF also wants for employees to hide any scripture references so that the public cannot see them.

The bigger issues that the Freedom from Religion Foundation wants to promote here, are beyond this small Camden County Courthouse. We call on those representative of our Federal Government to act on our behalf.

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