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(Updated March 27, 2014)


Nixon signs bill over cities’ pleas

By Jeff Thompson
    LAKE OF THE OZARKS – Despite the outcry from cities throughout the state, Gov. Jay Nixon signed the telecommunications bill into law last week.
    One thing the bill will do is remove some controls that municipalities have over the placement of cell phone towers.
    Reactions from lake area municipalities to Nixon’s signing the much-debated telecommunications bill into law have been met with bleak resignation.
    Nixon signed Senate Bill 650 on Thursday, March 20 along with three other telecommunications bills - SB 649, SB 651 and SB 653.
    According to Nixon’s office, “Senate Bill 650 places parameters around the wireless approval process to encourage more timely investment in broadband expansion and wireless service improvement ...”
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No denial from Luber in P&Z Administrator accusations

By Jeff Thompson
    CAMDEN COUNTY - Second District Commissioner Cliff Luber responded in measured tones to claims made by outgoing Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Administrator Donald Hathaway at the March 19 P&Z meeting.
    Hathaway read a letter of resignation at the Wednesday night meeting, citing “multiple instances of confrontation from Commissioner Luber over the past year” that created a “hostile work environment ... on a regular basis.”
    In addition, Hathaway claimed “back handed insults, interrogation and reprimand have been constant” and that the second district commissioner “issues statements in the media typically infused with self interpretations of the facts, that shows a total lack of respect for due process and the authority of others.”
    Luber was subdued in his response to Hathaway’s claims days later but did not deny any of them to The Reporter.
    “I’m sorry Mr. Hathaway has been offended,” Luber said. “For me, I’ve been trying to get Mr. Hathaway to properly do his job.”
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Ordinances for political activity, police chief changed

By Jeff Thompson
    OSAGE BEACH - Amending several city ordinances to be consistent with new state legislation was a priority for city officials at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting.
    City Attorney Edward Rucker spoke to the importance of keeping municipal regulations up to date.
    He noted that elected officials may not be in office five or 10 years from now, so the actions they take now can ensure consistency in the future.
    “I want the ordinances we leave here current and consistent with state law so it gets done properly,” Rucker said.
    The first such ordinance amended city code to conform with state statutes permitting political activity by emergency service “first responders.”
    Rucker noted the amendment allows certain specific rights for off-duty and out-of-uniform personnel such as EMTs, firefighters and police officers.
    The second ordinance will change city code to conform with new state regulations concerning the termination of an appointed police chief.

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Construction to begin on taxiway

By Jeff Thompson
    CAMDENTON - Construction on the Camdenton Memorial Airport Taxi Lane project is expected to start the first week of April with a proposed completion before Memorial Day.
    City Administrator J. Jeff Hancock made the announcement at the Board of Aldermen meeting last week.
    The announcement follows actions taken by the board on Feb. 18 to push the project ahead, including awarded the reconstruction project to Strait-Line Construction, Inc. at a cost of $374,574.20.
    Hancock pointed that the taxi lane project should not be confused with the city’s long-range plan to extend the airport’s runway. The runway extension project will begin soon with land acquisition, he said, with grading to run from 2013 through 2016.
    The complete extension should be finished sometime in 2017 at a cost of approximately $470,000, Hancock stated.
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Resignation letter

    (Editor’s note: The following is the full text of the letter of resignation that Planning and Zoning Administrator Donald Hathaway read last week at the Camden County Planning and Zoning meeting)

To: County Commission & Lake Area Planning & Zoning Commission
Subject: Letter of Resignation
Date: March 16, 2014
    It has been 2 years and six months since my employment as your Administrator of the Planning & Zoning Department. I was informed at the onset of my employment that my position was historically one of debate and controversy. A certain group of folks that did not agree with the implementation of the laws of land use and development, having created an adverse political climate.
    I have weathered the storm of criticism and budget restrictions. But it is impossible to manage a department without proper staff in which to fulfill the needs of the community. My goal here was to work with all residents of the county to build a better system of land use control. Implementation of Code revisions and adoption of modern technical specifications that meet the needs of this community were quickly identified as necessary priorities, along with achieving compliance with the regulatory laws of this state and the federal government for which we are governed. 
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OB Board of Aldermen actions Thursday Mar. 20

    OSAGE BEACH - In other business at the March 20 Board of Aldermen meeting:
* City Treasurer Kari Bell was presented with a financial excellence achievement award by Mayor Penny Lyons.
    Bell and her department have won the independently-awarded accolade for 14 straight years. She thanked the city staff for their help in preparing the financial statements that led to the award.
    * An unusual agreement with Ameren Missouri for the relocation of utilities at Lee C. Fine Airport was approved by the board.
    According to Public Works Director Nick Edelman, the Ameren facilities are in the way of the new hangar building.

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