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The Camdenton Memorial-Lake Regional Airport has expanded quite a lot from when this photo was taken in 2006. The city approved a purchase of another property last week leaving only three left to purchase. The city is hoping the expansion is completed and ready to use by 2019. (Reporter file photo)


Published August 9, 2017

City buys another property for airport expansion

CAMDENTON – Another property has been acquired by the city in the ongoing effort to expand the runway at the Camdenton Memorial Lake Regional Airport.

The current runway is listed at 4,000 feet in length and the goal is to extend it to 5,000.

There are only three more properties to be purchased by the city and according to City Administrator Jeff Hancock, one of those should be coming to the board for approval at the next Board of Aldermen meeting and all the necessary properties should be in hand by the end of the year.

The recent purchase from Anteater Industries cost $300,000. The money for the land acquisitions in Non-Primary Entitlement funds from the FAA. The city has to pay the funds up front but will be reimbursed by the Missouri Department of Transportation and the FAA at 90 percent. That means the city is only paying 10 percent of the purchase price.

When the project started the city had to purchase land from 11 land owners in order to complete the expansion which may not be completed for several years. A first priority for the airport is an overlay project for the airport apron, which Hancock found out last week the city was finally awarded.

“We’ve been waiting on this and this is a maintenance project,” Hancock said.

As far as the runway expansion, Hancock said they are probably looking at it taking place in late 2018-2019. It also depends on the availability of federal funds, which is always an unknown situation. The city has received letters of support for the expansion project from several Washington lawmakers and state representatives.

This also may impact the annual Camdenton airshow. Hancock said they will be doing an airshow in 2018 but talk is to delay the 2019 one and have the 2020 show at the airport with the runway expansion complete.

Some local residents near the airport will find things changed once the runway expansion begins. Since the airport has Route 7 on one side and Forbes Road on the other the expansion will result in a change in one of those roads and that road will be Forbes. Hancock said eventually Forbes Road will be closed permanently once the expansion begins.

Though the project is smoothly moving forward, federal funding, time and weather all factor in the completion of the project.

The airport has seen significant growth over the past several years. The reports given to the Board of Aldermen by the airport Fixed Base Operator (Lake Aviation) frequently mention the need for more hangar space.

Hancock said grants are usually available to such projects but other priorities are first in line. He also said the city is always open for individuals or corporations to build their own hangars which the city will eventually take over.

This has worked well in the past and the city has acquired several hangars through this method. Hangar space at Lee C. Fine and Grand Glaize airports is also limited and each has a waiting list for those wanting to rent hangar space.

The Camdenton airport currently has the second longest runway in the lake area (4,000 feet). Lee C. Fine airport runway length is 6,497 feet while the Grand Glaize Airport runway is 3,206 feet long. The city is banking on the longer runway allowing more corporate jets to fly into Camdenton bringing more business to the area.

This was stated in a resolution passed by the city in April of 2011 when the project was brought to light. The resolution stated:

“WHEREAS, the construction of said runway extension would greatly affect the economic climate of the Lake of the Ozarks in a positive manner, increasing both state and county revenues, and

“WHEREAS, the construction of said runway extension is a pivotal point of interest for companies that are currently looking at the Lake of the Ozarks as a place to relocate their business activities, and

“WHEREAS, the Camden County Commission is actively working to recruit businesses to relocate to Camden County and the Lake of the Ozarks from other states through a very aggressive economic development program…”

More details on a timetable for the actual work should becoming before spring of 2018.

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