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Published August 12, 2020

COVID blamed for two more deaths in Camden County

LAKE OF THE OZARKS – The Camden County Health Department (CCHD) says the county has recently seen two more deaths attributed to COVID-19, bringing the total for the county to six deaths.

As of last Tuesday (August 4) the CCHD stated there have been a total of 308 COVID-19 cases since March 21.

The numbers for the county from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS) are slightly different with 335 cases and five deaths (as of August 6).

The portrayal of COVID-19 by the mainstream media is the virus is deadly to everybody, which is not backed up by the statistics, which is why this newspaper gives the survivability rates.

Using the MDHSS figures for Camden County, that comes to a 98.51 survivability rate while using the CCHD figures the survivability rate for Camden County falls slightly to 98.05 percent.

In other words, if someone gets COVID-19 in Camden County there is a 98 percent survivability rate. That figure can change depending on the individual’s overall health condition and age.

According to the MDHSS, Miller County has seen 111 cases with one death (99.1 percent survivability rate).

Morgan County has had 76 cases with no deaths (100 percent survivability rate).

Other nearby counties (as of August 6):

Laclede County: 191 cases with one death (99.48 percent survivability rate)
Dallas County: 58 cases with one death (98.28 percent survivability rate)
Benton County: 87 cases with one death (98.85 percent survivability rate)
Pulaski County: 195 cases with one death (99.49 percent survivability rate)

Looking at the counties with the largest number of cases, the survivability rate changes but is still over 90 percent.

St. Louis City and St. Louis County (combined) have the largest number of cases in the state with a total of 14,033 cases and 812 deaths (161 for St. Louis City and 651 for St. Louis County) which comes to an average survivability rate of 94.21 percent.

Kansas City has dealt with 58 deaths out of 6,365 cases (99.09 percent survivability rate)

The total cases for Missouri (as of August 6) according to the MDHSS is 56,383 cases and 1,280 deaths (97.73 percent survivability rate)

In The United States, there have been 4,970,768 cases and 161,841 deaths credited to COVID-19 which results in a 96.74 percent survivability rate.

Worldwide total: 18,986,629 cases and 712,334 deaths (96.25 percent survivability rate).

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