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Published June 27, 2018

OB moves forward with sidewalk improvements

OSAGE BEACH – Osage Beach Parkway Sidewalks Phase 5 has started with the approval of the first reading to design the project.

The board agreed to go with HR Green for the design. The project will design sidewalks from Barry Prewitt Intersection to a location across the bridge over Route 54 near Mace Road.

Public Works Director Nicholas Edelman, explained the project to the board in his written report.

“This design will have three concepts that the board and public can review. These concepts will include different ideas on crossing the bridge. The costs associated with each option will be available,” Edelman said. “This project could have some aesthetic improvements to the existing bridge if you would like. The bridge is MoDOT’s so we will have to get MoDOT’s approval on any option.”

The cost of the engineering services will be $82,978, which is higher than the budgeted amount of $80,000.

Edelman said that additional funds can come from the Engineering Line Item. The Mace Road project came in under budget by $12,000, which would easily give enough to cover the amount of the Phase 5 engineering cost.

The Osage Beach Special Road District has agreed to contribute 50 percent of the cost for this project.

The contract is for the design only. When the actual project would begin would depend on MoDOT grant funds, which will not be known till sometime in the fall.

Edelman said that this project would qualify for grant funds.

The second reading should come up for a vote at the next Board of Aldermen meeting, which will be held in July.

In other business at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting:

• Approved the both readings for Benne Media’s request for money in support of this year’s Aquapalooza which will be held on July 21, 2018. They had requested only $2,000 but the board decided to up that to $3,000. Mayor John Olivarri disagreed with the idea and said that the request for $2,000 was enough.
• Heard a presentation of the 2017 Audit from Williams Keepers, CPA’s.
• Passed both readings to reappoint Judge William Washburn as the City Municipal Judge.

The pay for the judge will not exceed $21,158 per year and will be paid at a rate of $881.58 per court held and completed.

The judge will be responsible for paying all taxes due on his compensation.

• Approved Alderman Tom Walker to the Liquor Control Board.

Walker is replacing Alderman Phyllis Marose on the board.

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