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Published May 9, 2018

City moves forward on drainage improvements

OSAGE BEACH – The city has approved the first reading of a contract for storm drainage improvements on Apple Blossom.

The contractor will improve the ditch and will be adding a storm drainage box and culvert.

The engineer’s estimate was $36,145 for the project but the low bid came in well under that at $22,666.32.

They received eight bids for the project:

• $46,285.27 from Don Schnieders Excavating out of Jefferson City
• $42,690 from George Lee Jr Construction out of Hannibal, MO
• $36,470 from Moon Construction out of Tipton, MO
• $29,200 from B&P Patterson Concrete out of Linn, MO
• $29,071 from RC Contracting out of Rocky Mount, MO
• $26,950 from Travis Hodge Hauling, out of Lake Ozark, MO
• $24,454 from Concrete Solutions out of Linn, MO
• $22,666.32 from Earthworks Excavation out of Higginsville, MO

“We have contacted references for Earthworks Excavation. They have come back good,” Public Works Director Nicholas Edelman said in his report to the board. “The Public Works Department recommends approval of this bill.”

In some of the other business addressed at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting:

• The mayor read three proclamations, word for word, for National Travel and Tourism Week (May 6-12), Municipal Clerk’s Week (May 6-12) and Peace Officers Memorial Day & National Police Week (May 13-19).
• Passed the second reading of an ordinance amending the city Code of Ordinances setting out the authority of the city administrator to designate other city officers to act in the absence of the city administrator and providing for a chain of command.
• Approved the first reading of an ordinance to correct a scrivener’s error in section 510.300 of Article IV, Roadcuts and Utility Trenches
• Approved the first reading accepting the bid of Travis Hodge Hauling for Grinder Station 889 replacement in the amount of $25,096.65

The city received two bids for the project with Travis Hodge being the lowest.

“This grinder station was damaged during a grading project,” Edelman said.

This led to a lengthy discussion on the replacing of the grinder station. The damage was done by a company and not by the city. They bid the project two ways. One was to replace the current simplex grinder and the other is to make it a duplex.

Since the grinder was originally installed the zoning has changed and since there is a commercial business using the station it should be a duplex, according the city.

Insurance from the company that damaged it will cover the replacement of the simplex but the board discussed the fact that since they damaged it then the replacement should be brought up to city guidelines and paid for by the insurance company.

“We do not have any funds budgeted to cover this project because we did not plan on upgrading this station this year,” said Edelman.

The city administrator also weighed in on the issue in the written report to the board.

“The station was damaged by another party and that party is responsible for repairs,” the administrator said. “The damaging party’s insurance is responsible in the amount of $20,224.70. However, it didn't make sense to replace the exact station as in current form prior to damage when we were aware that we needed another type of station to best suit our system; therefore, we are taking the opportunity to upgrade the station now at an additional cost of $4,871.95.”

After approving the first reading the staff was directed to reach out to the insurance company and try and get the additional $4,871.95 from them.

• Approved the first reading of an Intergovernmental Agreement, with Camden County for the Three Seasons Overlay Project.

Camden County is overlaying their portion of Three Seasons Road and are willing to overlay the city’s portion of road if the city agrees to the price ($236,910).

“We will treat this as any other construction contract that the city enters into with inspection and administration services,” Edelman said.

The second reading of the above bills should be addressed at the next Board of Aldermen meeting on May 17.

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