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Published April 24, 2019

Osage Beach fireworks proposal fails to launch

OSAGE BEACH – A proposed bill that would allow the use and sale of fireworks within the city (at certain times and places) ended up being a dud last week.

The Board of Aldermen was considering a proposed change to the city code, submitted by Alderman Richard Ross, which would allow limited use of fireworks by city residents during two specific times of the year.

From June 20th through July 10, between the hours of 10 a.m. and midnight and on
December 31, from 11:30 p.m. to January 1 at 12:30 a.m., residents could shoot off fireworks on property they own.

The proposed bill stated a reason for this bill:

“WHEREAS, fireworks displays are in integral part of the celebration of the 4th of July and regulating the possession and use of fireworks within the city is in the best interest of the citizens of Osage Beach…”

The board, however, had a different opinion.

Alderman Phyllis Marose told the board that she had spoken to several random constituents in her ward about the issue and the response was negative to the idea. She stated that she would be against the changes to the city code.

After that, Alderman Kevin Rucker spoke at length on terminology in the bill that he claims was wrong.

The use of the phrase “common fireworks” (what normal citizens can buy from fireworks stands) was wrong and should be changed along with another phrase used for commercial firework displays.

Rucker then went through the entire proposed bill and pointed out the various places where these phrases were used, along with several other parts that should be modified.

After approximately 30 minutes explaining the changes that were needed, the city attorney explained that the board needs to amend the motion to include the changes.

He then read all the places in the entire bill where the changes were. The board then approved a motion to amend the bill.

A motion then was made by Alderman Ross to approve the first reading and a second was given.

When the vote was taken (after all that time) the final vote was two for and four against, so the bill died.

It is unknown if it will be brought back in the future.

In other business at last week’s Board of Alderman meeting the board approved the second reading of the following bills:

• Authorized the expenditure of funds to support The CANAM Police And Fire Games
• Authorized the expenditure of funds for advertising to support The Benne Media Aquapalooza 2019 Event
• Authorized the sale of property to The Ledges Condo Association
• Authorized the sale of property to Camden County Library District
• Authorized the sale of property to Charles Johnson
• Approved a contract with AT&T for dedicated internet service at all city locations
• Amended The Human Resources System (Personnel) Rules And Regulations - Separation From Service

In new business, one new alderman, Tyler Becker, took a seat at the board replacing Alderman Jeff Bethurem in Ward 2.

Becker, along with re-elected aldermen Gregory Massey and Richard Ross, were sworn in and took their seats to address new business which was, along with the fireworks ordinance:

• Passed the first reading of a contract with Stockman Construction for the reconstruction of Dorothy Lane.

This is an Osage Beach Special Road District project to reconstruct Dorothy Lane off of Sunset Drive. The Osage Beach Special Road District is funding this project at 100 percent.

There were three bidders for the project, Travis Hodge Hauling, LLC ($69,015), B & P Patterson, LLC ($59,399) and Stockman Construction ($50,581).

The engineer’s estimate for the project was $59,755.

• Added the Mace Road roundabout to the city code.

The second reading of those ordinances should take place at the next Board of Alderman meeting scheduled for May 2.

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