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Published March 31, 2021

Lake area firefighters getting new equipment

Lake Ozark Fire Protection District

LAKE OZARK – The Lake Ozark Fire Protection District (LOPD) has issued a thank you to government agencies for the funding to purchase new equipment for firefighters.

Through CARES Act funding the department was able to purchase a number of items to assist firefighters in their service to the community.

Camden County, Miller County and the United States Government were thanked for the money “to support and enhance our incident response capabilities in the community and effectively enhance our personnel’s safety with state of the art personnel protective equipment (PPE) in the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as any future high consequence biological pathogen response,” the district said in a news release.

“These purchases focused on providing the best level of personnel protection and positioning the district on a different supply chain focused on re-usable/multiple use public safety items versus disposable items competing with other community partners,” a LOFPD spokesman said.

The funds were used to purchase the following equipment:

Sunrise Beach Fire protection District

SUNRISE BEACH - At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors held on Monday, March 22, the Board approved the purchase of new Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) and Fire Hose.

According to the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District (SBFPD) the bid for the AEDs was awarded to the Stryker Company for 14 new LifePak CR2 Defibrillators and supporting software with an eight year warranty.

Each unit was quoted at $2,206.75 for a total of $30,894.50. Stryker offered $2,000 in trade-in value for the existing AEDs which brought the bid down to $28,894.50.

“The district currently has only two of its ten AEDs in service,” a SBFPD spokesman said. “The purchase of 14 new units ensures that an AED is placed on every vehicle and the headquarters building.”

The bid for fire hose was awarded to Banner Fire Equipment for 3,000 feet of five-inch supply hose and 1,150 feet of one-and-three-quarters inch attack hose for a total of $18,719.35. The district stated that the new hose will be tested and then placed on the district’s newest fire truck, Squad 12.

The old hose from Squad 12 will then be re-distributed to the other trucks that have had hose removed due to damage and failures during annual testing The SBFPD said the Board of Directors did not approve the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (turnout gear) despite bids being submitted.

Each bidder submitted proposals to replace twenty sets of coats and pants that would have provided a new set of turnout gear to every firefighter, replacing aging and damaged articles currently in use. The topic was tabled until the April 19 board meeting.

In addition, the district said the Board of Directors did not approve the purchase of new Thermal Imaging Cameras to replace the two units utilized on the first-out fire trucks.

Thermal Imagers are used during search efforts both in a structure fire and in outdoor searches and allows firefighters to find thermal variations in various situations to determine if hazards exist or fires are completely extinguished.

The topic of thermal imaging cameras was also tabled until the April 19 board meeting, the SBFPD said in their press release.

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