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Published March 31, 2021

Lake Ozark: Family destination or party town?

LAKE OZARK – When you think of the name “Lake Ozark” what comes to mind first? Due to the extraordinary large amount of places to buy alcohol in the city, a party town might be first but it depends on your age.

The Board of Aldermen heard an update on the city’s Comprehensive Plan, which took a “back seat” last year due to COVID-19.

A part of updating the plan was to find out what city residents want. In order to find this out, 1,000 post card surveys were sent to city utility customers by the Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments and approximately 250 were returned.

A few of the questions pertained to what the city is and what is needed but the answers varied depending on age.

The results are as follows.

1. Do you live full-time or part-time in Lake Ozark?

2. What is The City of Lake Ozark known as? (The answers were broken down by age group)

3. What do you want to see more in the next 10 years in Lake Ozark? (This also was broken down into age groups)

4. Do you work in Lake Ozark?

5. What industry sector would you like to see come to Lake Ozark?

6. How would rank the City of Lake Ozark’s involvement in the community?

7. What would you say is missing in the City of Lake Ozark? (This again was broken down by age groups but the top two answers were Family activities for those 65 and older and Shopping for those under 18.

8. How long have you lived in Lake Ozark?

9. What Best Describes your age?

The next steps in the Comprehensive Plan are:

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