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Published February 12, 2020

Community bridge to get Rip Rap

LAKE OF THE OZARKS – The Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance (LOWA) has announced a new project that was scheduled to begin last week: Rip Rap along the shoreline to prevent continued erosion at the Community Bridge.

After a competitive bid process, a contract for the work was awarded to One Source Services.

The project is entirely funded by a Missouri Department of Natural Resources grant and includes water quality assessments before and after the installation of Rip Rap.

Rip Rap is an effective means of preventing soil erosion, thereby contributing to clean, healthy lake water, the LOWA stated.

“Soil erosion is the number one polluter of inland waterways in the country,” an LOWA spokesman said. “Stopping it is one way the Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance contributes to keeping our Lake healthy. The Lake is an entertainment, recreation, and economic resource in this area. Its protection is the mission of LOWA.”

Where did this lost shoreline go?

The picture to the right shows a plume of soil flowing into the Lake and with it, an estimated 200 pounds of phosphorus every year, according to the LOWA.

That’s 3000 pounds of phosphorus over the fifteen years LOWA has been monitoring water quality throughout the Lake.

Why be concerned about phosphorus? Phosphorus is plant food and too much can cause algae blooms. Phosphorus also contributes to the growth of bacteria.

In addition to concerns about phosphorus, soil in the water smothers fish habitat, diminishes water quality, and interferes with the enjoyment of using the Lake for recreation.

LOWA’s mission is to protect the water quality of Lake of the Ozarks for the benefit of residents, visitors, local businesses, and wildlife.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources in conjunction with the Region 7 Environmental Protection Agency has awarded LOWA a new grant which will improve water quality in the Lake.

LOWA is a not-for profit organization. For more information go to

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