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Published January 3, 2024

What to do after an ambulance hits a deer

CAMDEN COUNTY – What do you do when an ambulance hits a deer? That was addressed at the December Camden County Ambulance District board meeting and the answer is it depends.

One of the district’s ambulances had a deer strike and not just a minor one. Though no humans were injured, the ambulance was – big time.

So did the hit total the ambulance? That was unknown at the time of the meeting but the “hammer” work on the vehicle (body work) was already estimated at $25,000.

It should be noted that a new ambulance costs well over $200,000 so $25,000 in damage could be acceptable to the insurance company but it doesn’t stop there.

The impact also went into the engine compartment and at the time of the December meeting, the mechanic had not checked out that damage.

So it’s very possible that the deer could have caused over $30,000 in damage.

Since deer strikes are not the fault of the driver the insurance company should take care of everything without the district paying any deductible.

So just buy a new ambulance if the insurance company totals it out, right?

It could take up to or over a year to receive a new ambulance from the time it is ordered and though Mercy can move an ambulance up to the area to replace the damaged one it is not a long-term solution.

Another solution is to do a remount which would be purchasing a new chassis and mounting the ambulance box and everything else from the damaged one onto the new chassis. That option would run about $100,000 and includes the purchase price and the remounting.

The decision on what to do currently rests with the mechanic who will examine the damage to the engine compartment and the insurance company. The answers should be available at the January 2024 ambulance district meeting at which time the question may finally be answered.

There was no information given at the time of the meeting as to whether the ambulance crew rendered first-aid to the deer.

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