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Published January 24, 2018

Community Center market assessment begins

CAMDENTON – The city is continuing to move forward on the Community Center with the hiring of a firm to do Market Assessment for the future center.

Last week the Board of Aldermen approved a resolution of an agreement with Ballard-King & Associates, LTD for a “Market Assessment to Evaluate the Potential/Feasibility of a Community Center.”

The cost of the study would not exceed $6,550 and would be paid for out of the funds specifically dedicated for building a community center. That fund has approximately $1.4 million dollars in it.

The board was notified in November of 2017 that city officials met with the firm of Ballard King Associates.

“This firm is a specialist in recreation and leisure demand and partnership studies and their services would be very valuable in reviewing the next steps for moving forward on our community center,” city officials said.

The board was also notified that city officials would monitor the sales tax revenues and report back to the board after the study was completed and the also on the city’s financial condition as to whether the city should continue the community center project.

Last week the board found out in a written report that there was an increase in sales tax.

“While we did not bring engage the firm, we did report at your December 19 meeting that we have received additional sales tax revenue from the Missouri Department of Revenue for past due revenues. While we did receive a slight decrease in sales in January of 6.5 percent, our reports indicate that we are up approximately 2.5 percent for this fiscal Year.”

Ballard * King (located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado) outlined their history in a letter to the city.

“Ballard*King & Associates, Ltd (B*K) was established in 1992 by Ken Ballard and Jeff King in response to the need for market-driven and reality-based recreation planning. B*K has achieved over 25 years of success by realizing that each client's needs are specific and unique. With over 65 combined years of facility management and planning experience in the collegiate, public, nonprofit and private sector, our consulting firm has completed over 700 projects in 48 states and has working relationships with more than 140 architects coast-to-coast.”

They also claim to have the exact experience that the city needs for this project.

“Our vast practical experience operating these types of facilities enables us to guide clients through the feasibility study process. From determining the market to evaluating expenses and revenues, B*K provides services to ensure the long-term success of your project. B*K has built our reputation on telling clients what they need to hear and providing them independent third party analysis so they can make sound decisions.”

The $6,550 fee is broken down as:

Hourly Rates:
• $100/hr - Associate
• $125/hr - Senior Associate
• $150/hr – Principal

Daily Rates:
• $1,000/day

Project Cost:
• Review Existing Information - $500
• Market Assessment - $5,500
• 2 trips to complete the service - $250 per trip ($500 total)

Cost for the assessment would not exceed $6,550, according to B*K.

For that fee the firm would complete the following (according to B*K).

Review Existing Information
• Prior to working with clients B*K seeks out the opportunity to gather as much pre-existing information as possible. This also provides time for B*K to interface with the client and/or steering committee so that we can better understand the primary drivers of the project, along with the non negotiables. This could include previous surveys and master plans that have been completed by the city.

Market Assessment
• Analyzing the market to develop operational numbers that are specific to the community and not merely best-case scenarios.

That can include:

• Identification of Service Areas (Primary, Secondary, Regional) Key Demographic Indicators (Median Age, Median Income, Household Budget Expenditures, Recreation Spending Potential Index, Age Distribution/Growth, Race/Ethnicity and Tapestry)
• Participation Statistics (Identification of Activities, Development of Unique Participation Percentage and Overlay of Population)
• Alternative Providers (Local, Athletic Conference, Rates, Amenities and Programs)

Also included is Trends and Market Share.

Once completed, the firm will deliver a report that covers the following:

• Understanding of the Demographics and Demographic Trends
• Thematic Mapping of Key Indicators (Median Age, Median Income, Entertainment & Recreation Spending)
• Market Potential for Indoor Facilities & Programs
• Facility & Program Trends
• Market Constraints
• Market Opportunities
• Program Recommendations & Construction Ranges

A community center had been on the wish list for a number of years but progress on the idea was put on hold in 2009.

At an April 2009 Board of Aldermen meeting the city discussed the possibility of seeking bids for a construction manager for the project. That caused a debate among the aldermen since no land had even been acquired for the center.

At the board meeting in December of 2015, The Mayor explained the financial situation when the board addressed purchasing the current piece of property.

“We’ve been setting aside money ever since the city pool was paid off, which was somewhere between seven to eight years ago,” said McNabb. “We have accumulated approximately 1.6 million dollars over the years. The purchase price of the property will be taken out of that and the remainder, about 1.3 million dollars, will be used to get us started.”

In December of 2015 the city purchased approximately 3.1 acres on North Business Route 5 and Ball Park Road for the center.

Hancock told The Reporter that one option is to build the center in phases and not all at once. That will be decided once the city gets to the point of hiring an architect.

“We want to run the architect and not have the architect run us,” Hancock said.

The services of B*K are scheduled to be completed by March 1, 2018

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