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Published January 24, 2018

Trash service proposal would put all with one company

OSAGE BEACH – The city’s discussion on the possibility of offering trash service in the city limits has been pushed to a future meeting due to an incomplete Board of Aldermen.

The city is thinking about following the example of Camdenton and Lake Ozark in choosing one service for all businesses and residents in the city limits.

In both of those cities, residents and businesses have only one option for trash service and that singular option would be the company the city picks.

People in the city limits would not be allowed to use another trash service.

City Administrator Jeana Woods explained her reasoning for bringing the topic up in her written report to the Board of Aldermen.

“A few months ago, the topic of trash services (waste services) to be provided by the City through a single, contracted vendor was brought up at the Board of Aldermen level. The City of Osage Beach does not currently provide this service directly to our community, and there are many positives to us being that provider,” Woods said. “It is common for cities to provide the service, most often by contracting with a single, private vendor. There are many options as to how such a contract could be constructed and services delivered to provide the best service to our citizens.

The positives she outlined for the board were:

• Less wear and tear on road surfaces as well as less heavy truck traffic through neighborhoods providing better public safety
• Ability to negotiate lower, fixed waste service costs on behalf of our community,
• The opportunity to orchestrate routes that have positive impact on vehicle traffic, just to name a few.

Woods said that if the city decides to go this route, state statutes require giving a notice of two years to trash companies serving the city.

After a brief discussion on the importance of the issue and that all board members needed to be there, Alderman Jeff Bethurem made the motion to delay the discussion until the next meeting.

In other business addressed at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting:

• Approved the second reading of a contract with Vance Brothers, Inc. for the project to slurry seal roads off of Nichols Road.
• Approved both readings for a change order with Concrete Solution, LLC for the Dude Ranch Sidewalk Phase 3.

This contract was bid as a unit price contract. According to Nicholas Edelman, Public Works Director, there was an overrun in quantities for seeding and mulch. This change order is in the amount of $4,719.

• Approving the Annual Purchase of Grinder Pumps from Municipal Equipment Company, Inc. for the total amount of $161,767.60.

The purchase consists of buying the following quantity and types of pumps:

• 24 - S20 ($1,357.40 each)
• 5 - S26 ($2,224.60 each)
• 20 - PE45 ($4,125.55 each)
• 2 - PE80 ($5,788.00 each)
• 2 - PE100 ($5,803.00 each)
• 2 - PE125 ($6,187.00 each

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