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Published December 13, 2017

Board approves Airport Capital Improvement Program

CAMDENTON – The Board of Aldermen have approved the 2018 Airport Capital Improvement Program stating that this is a general plan and some items may be changed.

The plan was approved recently by the individual members of the Airport Advisory Board (since the meeting did not have a quorum).

The preliminary plans for the airport for the future are:

• Clearing & Grubbing; Extend Wildlife Fencing (estimated cost of $500,000 with $450,000 coming from the FAA
• Construct 8-Unit T-Hangar (estimated cost of $550,000 from sources to be determined)
• Construct T-Hangar Taxilane (estimated cost of $300,000 with $30,000 from local funding)
• Grading for Runway Extension/Parallel Taxiway (estimated to cost $4,700,000 with $470,000 coming from local funds)

The City Administrator explained some of the details regarding the 2018 plans.

“Since the date of their (Airport Advisory Board) approval, our Airport Engineer made a few modifications. He tweaked the cost estimate for the T-hangar taxi lane pavement, added a CIP data sheet for the T-hangar taxi lane pavement, and updated the summary sheet to show the breakout of the local costs instead of it being blank,” City Administrator Jeff Hancock said. “While the local funds have not been determined, we are still exploring the construction of both T-hangars and a corporate hangar with private investors.”

For 2019 the plans are:
• Extend Runway 15/33 & Parallel Taxiway 1,000 feet (estimated to cost $2,600,000 with $2,340,000 coming from the FAA and $260,000 from local funds).

Now that the document has been approved Hancock will mail and e-mail it to Brian Boehmer at the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

“As previously noted, we will then wait and see if FAA and MoDOT approves the funding in FY 18 for the Runway extension project.” Hancock said.

The runway extension will include grading for the extension, closure of Forbes Road for and the extension of Opportunity Road to restore access cut off by closure of Forbes Road.

The runway project depends on the availability of funding from the FAA (which will come through MoDOT). All the property for the extension has already been acquired by the city.

In other business at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting:

• Approved the first and second readings of an ordinance amending the city limits and setting the zoning district for the newly annexed property held by FR Holdings.
• Approved both readings of an Ordinance for an agreement with Fiberglass Tank Solutions, LLC for the lease of an existing building and 3.64 Acres of Land in the Camdenton Business Park.
• Approved the establishment of the Camdenton Arts Advisory Board. Alderman Sandy Osborne voted against the measure.

Later in the meeting the board agreed to the Mayor’s appointments to the advisory board which will consist of the following names:
• Debbie Williams - At Large Member
• Bill Woods - Owner: Bill’s Art Gallery
• Shelly Lain - Owner: Vintage Soul
• Audrey Kruse - Owner: Fleeces to Pieces
• Doug Bibles - Citizen, Woodcarver

The board also agreed to cancel the first meeting in January (January 2, 2018) since it is close to the New Year’s holiday. The first meeting for the board of Aldermen in 2018 will take place on Tuesday, January 16.

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