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Published January 18, 2023

Lake area fire districts see increase in calls in 2022

LAKE OF THE OZARKS – Many of the lake area fire districts have released their figures for 2022 and increases can be seen throughout the Lake of the Ozarks.

Mid-County Fire Protection District (MCFPD)

The December 2022 calls added to a record-breaking year for the district.  In December, the MCFPD responded to 193 incidents compared to 177 incidents in December 2021. 

The breakdown for the 193 incidents in December is as follows: 

For the incidents in December 2022 this averaged to 6.2 incidents per day and 13 incidents were overlapping, meaning more than one emergency incident was occurring at the same time.

Once December was finished, for 2022 the district responded to a total of 2,390 incidents across their 227 square miles that they cover.

According to Fire Chief Scott Frandsen, this number is a 6.2 percent increase in call volume from the previous year and is the largest number of incidents per year in MCFPD history. 

This number of incidents is also the largest call volume of any fire department in the Lake of the Ozarks region, Frandsen said. 

In 2022, the Fire District averaged 6.5 emergency calls per day, with an average response time to emergencies within the Fire District of 8 minutes, 16 seconds.

The MCFPD has seven fire stations and two fire boats.

These fire stations and fire boats are staffed by five paid firefighters on duty each day and is supplemented by a contingent of volunteers. 

“We want to thank our staff for working so diligently through the difficulties of the past year,” Frandsen said. “These men and women ensure they do everything possible to stretch the tax dollars provided by our citizens to the greatest extent.”

Incident breakdown for 2022:

The Camdenton station had the most responses in 2022 with 1,170. Of those, 851 were within the city limits of Camdenton.

These numbers also included 316 overlapping incidents. Overlapping incidents are when personnel are responding to more than one incident at the same time.

Osage Beach Fire Protection District

During 2022, the Osage Beach Fire Protection District (OBFPD) responded to 2,171 incidents. The breakdown for these incidents is as follows:

For the incidents in 2022 this averages six calls per day. There were a total of 258 overlapping incidents meaning more than one incident was happening at the same time.

OBFPD covers 105 square miles out of two manned fire stations.

The average response time in 2022 was 6 minutes 25 seconds.

In this same time period in 2021, OBFPD responded 2,151 incidents. The 2022 totals are 20 calls for service higher than 2021.

Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District

The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District said they also set a new response record in 2022, answering 1,104 calls for service.

Of that total, 53 percent were emergency medical and 47 percent fire related.
The previous record was 1,030 calls set in 2021.

Since 2019 the call totals have increased 29 percent.

Versailles Rural Fire Protection District

The Versailles Rural Fire Protection District also had their busiest year with 514 calls for service in 2022.

This was an increase of 11.48 percent from 2021 and a 31.33 percent increase from 2020.

Among those 514 calls, they responded to 25 structure fires, 5 vehicle fires, 47 natural cover fires, 70 motor vehicle collisions and 257 medical emergencies.

In 2022 their apparatus made 691 responses with Squad 11 being the busiest as this is their medical response vehicle.

The district’s three engines made a total of 173 responses.

The four Wildland vehicles made 135 responses and their four tankers (water supply) responded 129 times.

The district also operates two technical rescue trailers with one trailer carrying all of their rope, water and trench rescue equipment and it made two responses.

The Large Animal Rescue trailer had one call this past year.

In its first full year of service, their ladder truck responded to 23 calls for service.

This meant that the district’s personnel spent a total of 2,482 hours on scene and participated in 1,664 hours of training.

This does not include the hours spent maintaining and improving the apparatus, gear and stations.

The department is always looking for volunteers to join the district. They provide all of the training and education you will need to become a firefighter with the district.

If anyone is interested, contact the department on their Facebook page, talk to one of their members or just show up at one of their meetings (7:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of every month) at Station 1 located at 1209 West Newton St. (Highway 52 and Route D) on the west side of Versailles.

Rocky Mount Fire Protection District

The Rocky Mount Fire Protection District responded to 481 calls for service in 2022. The breakdown for those calls are:

Rocky Mount Assisted in State Wide Mutual Aid two times in 2022.

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