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Published November 15, 2023

Man faces drug charges after traffic stop

CAMDEN COUNTY – An Eldon man was arrested for drugs after a routine traffic stop.

Last Monday the Camden County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) released details on the incident which took place on November 3.

On that Friday evening, a deputy patrolling Horseshoe Bend observed a motorcycle travelling in the area of Horseshoe Bend Parkway and Campground Road allegedly committing several traffic violations.
The deputy conducted a traffic stop on the motorcycle at HH and Bagnell Dam Blvd. and identified the driver as Casey T Foster, 31, of Eldon, MO.
During his investigation, the deputy said he observed Foster to be exhibiting signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Foster’s behavior was suspicious to the deputy and as the deputy patted him down for weapons, he discovered a bulge in Foster’s pocket. 

According to the CCSO, when the deputy asked the suspect, Foster admitted the bulge was cocaine. Foster was ultimately found to be in possession of 12.5 grams of cocaine separated in a form commonly used in distribution, 61.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, ten psilocybin chocolate bars with a total weight of 480 grams and five THC vape pens, according to the CCSO.

Foster was arrested and transported to the Camden County Adult Detention Facility and is charged with the Class C Felony of 2nd Degree Drug Trafficking and the Class D Felony of Possession of a Controlled Substance. 

Foster later posted a $50,000 bond and will appear before the court in December.

According to the Probable Cause Statement filed by the officer, this is what led to the arrest:

“On 11/03/2023 at approximately 1816 hours I was on patrol on Horseshoe Bend Parkway near Campground Road. I observed a silver in color motorcycle traveling westbound and began following it. While following the motorcycle I noted the license plate was dirty and difficult to read. I observed the bike to cross the center yellow line once and weave erratically within its lane of travel. I noted the bike was following within one car length of the vehicle in front of it. I was able to read the license plate once we stopped at the traffic light at Horseshoe Bend Parkway and Bagnell Dam Blvd. I initiated my emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop in the parking lot of Big O Tires, located at 1819 Bagnell Dam Blvd, Lake Ozark, Mo 65049.

“I made contact with the driver, identified as Casey Foster. Casey stated he just got off work and was attempting to catch up to his co-workers. While speaking with Casey I noted he appeared nervous, was talkative and removed and raised his kick stand several times. I also noted he removed his helmet and made a phone call while I was running his information. After making the phone call Casey placed his helmet back on. I asked Casey about any weapons on the bike and he seemed unsure with his answer. Casey stated there may be a knife in his saddle bag. I ordered Casey from the bike and he complied. When exiting the bike I noted Casey quickly jumped off and faced me. I ordered Casey to walk to the front of my patrol vehicle and place his hands on the hood.

“Casey complied and I asked if he had anything illegal or weapons on his person. Casey began reaching in his pockets and was ordered not to. I asked Casey about methamphetamine use and explained how his actions were consistent with such. Casey denied using methamphetamine and denied consent to search his pockets. Casey stated I could pat him down if I wanted but I could not search his pockets. I began patting Casey down near his waistband and then moved to his right pocket. I felt a large circular bulge in his front right coin pocket. I lifted Casey's shirt and could see the imprint of a container. I asked Casey what it was and he stated, ‘Coke.’

“I placed Casey in double locking handcuffs and began searching his person. I removed the container which was clear in color with a blue lid. I noted the container held a small amount of a white powdery substance. I asked Casey if there was anything else on his person. Casey stated there was a spoon in his back right pocket that he uses for the coke. I removed the spoon and began searching his front left pocket. Casey stated there was ‘a bunch more’ coke inside the pocket. I asked Casey how much and he stated (3) balls. I located (3) separate bags containing a white powdery substance which field tested positive for the presence of cocaine. The total approximate weight of all (3) bags was 12.5 grams. Casey was seated inside my patrol vehicle and I conducted a search of the motorcycle prior to the arrival of Hi-Tech Towing. I located two large bags of psilocybin mushrooms weighing approximately 61.5 grams. I also located a box of (10) chocolate candy bars labeled psilocybin mushrooms. Each candy bar was labeled 3.5 grams with a net weight of 48 grams per bar. Also seized was (5) THC vape pens labeled ‘CA’.

“I advised Casey of his rights per Miranda and he stated he understood. Casey denied selling drugs and stated he was just addicted. I asked Casey why he would bring such a large quantity to work with him and he stated he just had it on him. Casey was transported to the Camden County Detention Center and placed on a 24 hour hold at 1828 hours.”

The CCSO reminds people that these charges are merely allegations of wrongdoing. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  

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