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Published November 13, 2019

All three counties vote no in Osage Beach soccer complex tax

LAKE OF THE OZARKS – The voters have spoken, or a better yet shouted “no” to an increase in tax for the Osage Beach Soccer Complex.

The Tri County Lodging Association (TCLA) was asking for a lodging tax increase to fund the development of a tournament soccer complex with eight synthetic turf fields.

The recommended site for the Destination Tournament Soccer Complex (DTSC) is located on 51 acres in Osage Beach within the Arrowhead Development project (which used to be the Dogwood Hills Golf Course).

The City of Osage Beach has a cooperative agreement with TCLA to bond, design, build, own and operate the DTSC should there be a positive vote from the community.

There wasn’t.

Though the complex is in the city, the TCLA claims the influx of tourist will benefit all three counties.

Commercials aired on local radio stations encouraging voters to vote no on the increase tax and other commercials asked voters to approve it.

The voters in the TCLA district, which covers sections of Camden, Miller and Morgan Counties, overwhelmingly voted no to the idea. Combining the totals of all three counties, there were 6,292 ballots cast with 1,610 voting yes for the tax while 3,682 voted no.

Not one of the precincts in Camden or Morgan County voted in favor of the tax. Even voters in Osage Beach, where the complex was planned, voted no.

(A breakdown of the precincts in Miller County was not available)

In the Camden County jurisdiction of Osage Beach, the votes came to 425 yes votes and 516 no.

The votes in the Camden County Precincts were:
• Barnumton: 15 yes, 130 no
• Camdenton #1: 62 yes, 211 no
• Camdenton #2: 87 yes, 238 no
• Camdenton #3 & Ha Ha Tonka: 65 yes, 328 no
• Climax Springs: 11 yes, 100 no
• Freedom: 7 yes, 55 no
• Greenview: 39 yes, 271 no
• Horseshoe Bend: 214 yes, 466 no
• Linn Creek: 59 yes, 200 no
• Osage Beach #1, 2, 3: 425 yes, 516 no
• Roach: 37 yes, 175 no
• Sunnyslope: 24 yes, 97 no
• Sunrise Beach #1: 53 yes, 216 no
• Sunrise Beach #2 & Wilson Bend: 77 yes, 311 no
• Absentee votes: 144 yes, 212 no

The breakdown in Morgan County, by precinct was:

• Barnett II: 5 yes, 7 no
• Gravois Mills: 7 yes, 82 no
• Indian Creek: 21 yes, 90 no
• Laurie: 51 yes, 280 no
• Versailles North: 8 yes, 40 no
• Versailles South: 7 yes, 155 no
• Webb: 23 yes, 89 no
• Absentee votes: 30 yes, 52 no

The future of the proposed soccer complex is currently unknown. The TCLA may abandon the idea or try and “re-educate” the voters and put it on a future ballot.

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