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Published November 1, 2023

Search warrant sends Eldon man to jail

MILLER COUNTY – An Eldon man has been arrested after a search warrant allegedly turned up narcotics.

During the afternoon hours last Thursday (October 26) the Miller County Sheriff’s Office and Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force executed a narcotic search warrant at a residence off Allen road.

During a search of the residence detectives said they located a large amount of methamphetamine, a pistol, drug paraphernalia and items used to manufacture methamphetamine along with items used to make anhydrous ammonia, which is used in the manufacturing process. 

James Wesley Holloway, 62, of Eldon, MO, was charged by The Miller County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office with the following:

According to the Probable Cause Statement (PCS) filed by police, this is what happened during the execution of the warrant.

“We approached the vehicle and in the driver's seat of the vehicle was Holloway and his mother in the passenger seat. Holloway was removed from the driver’s seat and he was searched. In his front pocket of his overalls was a bag of a white crystal-like substance and a glass smoking pipe with a white powder inside of it. In the garage was a tool box and inside of the tool box was another bag of a crystal rock like substance and a digital functional scale with a white powder on it. The two bags found showed an approximate field weight of 56 grams. These substances were field tested and showed a positive presence of methamphetamine.

“In the back bedroom of the residence I found a gallon size glass jar with a white powder inside of it. There was also a blender glass top with a white powder inside of it believed to be used to mix methamphetamine and MSM which is a cut placed into the methamphetamine. MSM was also found in the same room. There was also PVC pipes believed to be used for the manufacture of methamphetamine within the same room near these jars.

“In the bedroom I located filters, in the same bedroom and adjoined bathroom were 4 boxes of Pseudoephedrine, in the garage in a broken-down vehicle were multiple pieces of glassware believed to be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Furthermore, in the shed of the property was anhydrous ammonia.

“In the garage of the residence was a safe. Holloway stated the safe did not belong to him but said there was a .22 caliber handgun inside of it. Opening the safe I located a .22 Caliber Colt handgun displaying serial number (number redacted). Holloway being a felon and unable to possess firearms knew what was inside of the safe and would have access to it.

“Holloway was read his Miranda rights and he said he understood. Holloway told me the methamphetamine located on his person and inside of the tool box along with scales and pipes were all his. Also, throughout the entire house there were multiple bags located with amounts of a crystal rock like substance inside of it. Asking Holloway about the precursors located believed to be used to manufacture methamphetamine he told me he cooked methamphetamine. Holloway went into detail about how he cooked it and the process to do so. He also stated he did sell methamphetamine.”

The PCS also said Holloway might be a flight risk due to his past and that he said he could post a bond of $200,000. Holloway is being held on a $400,000.00 bond.

Police remind everyone that all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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