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Published January 11, 2023

City chooses Mid-MO Drug Task Force

CAMDENTON – The city has voted to follow Osage Beach and Lake Ozark and remove the city from the Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group (LANEG) and go with the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force.

The situation and reasoning behind the change was explained by Camdenton Police Chief Jeffrey Beauchamp.

“For several years we’ve had LANEG but they seem to be having problems with maintaining manpower and we’re just not getting much results out of them,” Beauchamp explained to the Board of Aldermen. “I requested some statistics for inside the city and they couldn’t provide me with anything. We’re not having any communications between us on anything that’s going on. I only know of one case that they worked on all last year.

“I think that it’s time we do a change. I spoke with both chiefs (Osage Beach and Lake Ozark) and both of them had nothing but good to say about it and that the communication’s great.

“(The Drug Task Force) actually comes into those departments and writes the reports. In addition, the Police Chief is given a call by the captain who is over the task force. I think that’s what we really need.”

Currently the city has budgeted $2,500 to LANEG and that money will now go to the Mid-Mo Drug Task Force so the city will not have to spend any money that is not budgeted.

“I know the captain and personally trained the captain when he was a young officer,” said Beauchamp. “He worked for another agency but he always came to me and he is very pro-active.”

The Police Chief also stated that the task force places undercover officers in each of the counties they serve and he was told they would have an undercover officer in the Camdenton city limits.

The following counties are currently part of the Mid-Mo Drug Task Force:

Police Departments

The board approved the resolution to join the Mid-Mo Drug Task Force.

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