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Published January 10, 2018

Domain ‘cleanup’ to cost $64,000

OSAGE BEACH – The Board of Aldermen approved the spending last week of $64,000 to clean up “clutter” on the city’s internet domain site.

In September of last year, the city hired AOS (Alexander Open Systems) to assess the city’s IT infrastructure due to some changes in the department. Their assessment included security, networking and the Microsoft active directory.

Assistant City Administrator Mike Welty explained in his report to the board last week what AOS found.

“When they completed their assessment they provide a list of recommendations; many manageable with in house staff. The biggest problem that they did find had to do with the amount of ‘clutter’ within our Microsoft active directory or Network domain; therefore, they recommended a new domain be built and all city IT assets be migrated to the new domain.”

Welty then explained why this was a problem and that the service was needed to stop any further damage.

“This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage to our existing domain,” Welty said. “The ‘clutter’ is caused over time by program updates, errors, and various other IT related compatibility and organizational issues. As the city’s IT needs and infrastructure has grown so has the size and complexity of our IT network.”

Alderman Richard Ross explained the situation by comparing it to a series of patches.

Over the years the IT department has to patch this and patch that and so on resulting in a lot of patches in the system to keep things functioning.

There comes a time when they have to start clean and get rid of all the patches, which is what this is designed to do.

According to Welty, for a city the size of Osage Beach a domain cleanup should happen every five years but has actually never been done.

“We do not have the expertise, nor the time, to attempt such a project without assistance. Creating a new domain and migrating all city IT assets to the new domain is a huge undertaking,” said Welty. “AOS will work with our IT staff to provide us with the expertise and time to ensure that everything is moved over safely, securely, and seamlessly from the user perspective. Even after AOS leaves, city IT staff, with help from AOS, will likely spend most of the summer working behind the scene to complete this project. The end result will be a marked improvement to our networks efficiency, stability, and capability.”

It was not stated whether the city went out for bids on this project or just choose AOS because AOS recommended they clean up their domain.

This is a budgeted item for the 2018 fiscal year.

In other business at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting:

• Approved the second reading for voluntary annexation of adjacent property.

This will annex a piece of property into the city limits that is currently the location of a portion of the new roadway known as Arrowhead Drive.

• Passed the first reading of a bill for a contract with Capital Paving & Construction, LLC, for Barry Prewitt Memorial Drive Overlay.

The city received two bids for the project, one for $194,532 from Higgins Asphalt Paving Co. Inc., out of Tipton, MO and the other for $158,826.90 from Capital Paving & Construction, out of Jefferson City, MO.

• Passed the first reading of a bill for a contract with Vance Brothers, Inc. for the Osage Beach Parkway West Micro-Surfacing and another contract with Vance Brothers for the Project to Slurry Seal Roads off of Nichols Road.

The project to Microsurface Osage Beach Parkway West of the Grand Glaize Bridge received only one bid and that was from Vance Brothers for $445,157.40. The city’s portion of the contract is $378,049.40, with the rest of the amount being the Missouri Department of Transportation’s portion.

This was brought to the board last September where Alderman Kevin Rucker (after a discussion about the difference in micro-sealing and slurry seal) made the motion to approve the bill and then silence followed. None of the board members seconded the motion and the bill died on the floor.

No explanation was given as to why it did not pass at that time.

Last week, Public Works Director Nicholas Edelman explained to the board in his written report why, once again, they have only one bid on a project.

“Public Works Staff tried to get additional bidders on this project. We had a least three plan holders on this project. Byrne and Jones out of St. Louis and Pavement Management who bid on the city’s 2018 Slurry Seal Project were plan holders, Edelman said. “We contacted both of them to see why they didn’t bid on the project. Bryne and Jones is looking into expansion into other areas and wasn’t willing to commit to a project in this area at this time. Pavement Management said that they didn’t have night time equipment for this project at this time. We also contacted Missouri Petroleum. They hadn’t bid in this area and they are looking into this year, but they didn’t on this project. They did say if we bid out the east side of Osage Beach Parkway this year they are interested.”

The second contract with Vance Brothers is to slurry seal roads off of Nichols Road. This project had two bidders, Vance Brothers ($154,979.50) and Pavement Management ($302,480).

The second reading of the above bills should take place at the next Board of Aldermen meeting.

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