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Published October 31, 2018

Halloween safety tips
CAMDENTON – It’s that time of the year when parents take their little ones out for candy and fun and the Camdenton Police Department is offering some safety tips for those participating.

For the safety of trick-or-treaters, the CPD has a limited supply of free glow sticks to help ensure every child’s visibility after dark.

People can pick up the glow sticks at the Police Department during business hours Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or say “hi” to an officer when you see them on patrol that evening.

Also, a limited supply of glow sticks will be available at Truck-or-Treat at the Camdenton High School Saturday October 27 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

These simple tips can help make you and your child safer this Halloween:

• Never go trick-or-treating alone. Go trick-or-treating with a parent or adult friend.
• Go to homes you know. Only go to people’s houses that you know and trust.
• Wear a costume that is safe. Only wear a costume that will not put you in harms’ way. Use reflective strips for visibility when it gets dark, something warm if it is cool outside, hoods and mask that do not block your vision and watch out for long loose outfits that can cause you to trip and fall.
• Have your parents check your candy. Please wait and have your parents check your candy before you eat it. Your never know if anyone might try to harm you by putting something in the food or wrapper.
• Look both ways before crossing the streets. Please slow down and be safe by checking both directions before crossing the streets.
• Take a flashlight or glow stick. Have your parents or someone in your group bring a flashlight and/or glow sticks so you can see where you are walking and motorist can also spot you better.
• Do not talk to strangers! While you are out on the streets at night be cautious of anyone you don’t know paying you a lot of attention. Again, please don’t go out alone.
• If the front porch light is off, don’t go to that house.

Safety should be the first priority due to the heavy congestion of pedestrians and vehicles on the narrow residential streets. Here are a few tips for the higher risk areas in the Camdenton city limits.

• Mulberry Lane: This area draws a large volume of trick-or-treaters but Mulberry Lane circles around. We would recommend motorists go to the right side of the circle to lessen two-way traffic.
• Lakeview Drive: This area also draws lots of trick or treaters but there is no way to use one-way traffic, so pedestrians and motorists will have to use extra care.
• Panoramic and Ha Ha Tonka Road: This is also an area of heavy traffic. Since the roads do loop around, we recommend traffic enter on Panoramic and exit out Ha Ha Tonka Road. Again, this will minimize the two-way traffic.
• First Baptist Church has a Trunk-or-Treat Halloween night and many people use the pull in parking along Business Route 5. Please use special care when backing from this parking area.
• Please drive slowly, use your headlights and be extra cautious.

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