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Published October 24, 2018

Improvements for Lee C. Fine Airport taxiway continues

OSAGE BEACH – The city is continuing its work on the Lee C. Fine Airport taxiway project with a first reading approval of an agreement for Inspection Services with Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. (CMT)

This Supplemental Agreement is for the Construction Phase Services for Phase 2 of the Lee C. Fine Taxiway Project.

The Lee C. Fine Phase 2 Taxiway Engineering Services was awarded in February 2018 to CMT, Inc. at $171,067.95, while the construction portion was awarded to Lehman Construction, LLC. in May 2018 at $1,672,127.30.

“The construction contract with Lehman Construction was approved at the May 17, 2018, Board of Aldermen meeting,” Public Works Director Nicholas Edelman said in his report to the Board of Aldermen last week. “This agreement was not completed at that time since we had to get the funding approved from the FAA. This will provide for inspection and project management services for this project.”

The FAA through the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) will reimburse the city 90 percent of the cost.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission reimbursement agreement was approved at the September 20, 2018, Board of Aldermen meeting.

This supplemental agreement will add an additional amount (not to exceed) $156,200.27 to this contract; a contract for both design services previously awarded and inspection services.

This will bring the total amount to $327,268.22 for CMT.

CMT did the design of the Taxiway Project.

The total Taxiway Reconstruction project is a 90/10 grant from MoDOT Aviation and will be budgeted in the Fiscal Year 2019 budget.

In other business at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting:

• Mayor John Olivarri gave a Certificate of Appreciation to Domenicos Restaurant for “Helping Make Osage Beach a Better Place to Live, visit and Work.”
• Approved the first reading of election procedures to be followed for the general municipal election to be held April 2, 2019
• Approved the first reading of a contract with Central Bank of Lake of the Ozarks for banking services.
• Approved the first reading amending the 2018 operating budget with the “transfer of funds for necessary expenses.”
• Approved the request to dispose of surplus city property, including several parcels of land, one of which has a building on it.
• Tried for a third time to approve a contract with CPSM Professional Services Contract for Public Safety Technical Assistance for $43,650 plus travel expenses not to exceed $4,000.

This had been approved by a majority of those present at the September Board of Aldermen meeting but, according to the city attorney, that was not sufficient to pass it.

At that meeting (September 20) the Board of Aldermen voted three to two in favor but with one alderman absent from the meeting, it failed to pass due to its contractual nature.

The law requires a majority of the elected board for passage. Since one was absent and the vote was three to two, a majority (four) did not approve it so it did not pass and was brought back for another vote to the entire board.

That second attempt happened at the October 4 board meeting but the exact same thing happened due to Alderman Jeff Bethurem being absent. Aldermen Kevin Rucker wanted it placed on the next board agenda so they can try a third time to pass it.

An exact repeat occurred again last week due, again, to Bethurem being absent. The matter will be brought to the board for a fourth time at the next meeting.

The second reading of the above bills should take place at the November 1 Board of Aldermen meeting.

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